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Capturing and sharing Ideas – How Recording Virtual Business Meetings Can Support Your Endeavour or Initiative

In this modern day of fast paced business environments, it is easy to lose track of opportunities to grow your business when thoughts are lost, especially during a business meeting. That is why the availability of recording an online video collaboration session is so valuable. And with Zoom online business meetings the process of recording has been simplified.

All of the online collaboration and business meetings can be recorded or just sections of it. Video conferencing and web video conferencing has revolutionised sharing of knowledge. The raw data of video is unfiltered by a note taker and therefore all of the nuances of the original situation are still available for consideration or re-use at a later time.  Another positive side is that that no staff time has to be devoted to a secretarial role. The recording is in MP4 format which is universal to all, making it simple to share and make sure others can view with ease.

Strategies for Using recording in your business or collaboration activities

Once the information online has been gathered at your virtual web based conferencing think tank session, you can:

  • Ask people who were not present to view the session
  • Review the video to capture the details that may have been missed
  • Look for clarification in lieu of any discrepancies, reducing misunderstandings
  • Provide a summary or important section for staff to review, just before the next session to remind everyone of what’s at stake, providing continuity
  • Use snippets in marketing activities and promotions
  • Use parts for training of staff, to acclimatize new staff to the decision-making process
  • View staff behaviour for a variety of purposes
  • Help set a business tone, recording people improves behaviour
  • Increase accountability, now that everyone has the same information
  • Prompt staff to complete commitments when using online web conferences

Capturing the moment, comments, suggestions and ideas with clients during your web meetings is also important. You can use the video recordings to provide:

  • Clarification of what was agreed or for regulated environments
  • Back up documentation, if there is a disagreement over a verbal agreement
  • A check to see if something was left out, in the heat of the moment
  • A positive environment during the interaction
  • Allow for visual understanding that the participants are engaged and listening

From a more personal perspective, staff can use the virtual video web conference for advancement and personal growth opportunities. It is hard to refute the quality of personal performance, if video evidence is presented when online in a virtual web video conference or meeting. It is very useful to record session or training for use later, or virtual training which can be consumed on-demand. This will:

  • Provide evidence of stellar performances for superiors or interviews for a new position
  • Allow a review the video to see how people react to a variety of situations to promote personal growth

In addition to all of the ways to utilize the captured information, there are many positive aspects for engaging in online web based conferencing such as:

  • No travel time and related costs for meeting participants,
  • The technology is now advanced enough so that the audio and visual interfaces are suitable to promote interaction
  • The settings in the online web collaboration tools can be in large group as well as in smaller breakout rooms so that all participants are encouraged to be engaged

And what about cost of recording or using virtual online business meetings? With Zoom virtual business conferencing, you can get started for free and then add functionality when you need it. A strategic plan is to start with one interaction and once you need to expand you can when you are comfortable. For recordings you can choose to store on your servers or you can choose one of the plans for storing your recordings in the cloud (in the virtual internet with built in redundancy) which suit you and your business or organisation based upon the number of gigabytes or terabytes you will need. Need help choosing the best system for your next recorded video conference, team video meetings and screen sharing, ask us today.

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