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Virtual video meetings are the crux of electronic broadcasting systems which are of astounding help for sole or group business and personal setups. Online meeting forums are divided into different categories depending upon their functional structure from which one can pick what suits the best for the organization. Some of the most commonly used video conference systems are:

  • Broad casting with Tele-Robotics
  • Unified Virtual Meeting Setups
  • Online Conferencing through Desktop and Personal Computers
  • Telecom network based conference
  • Codec
  1. Broadcasting with Tele-Robotics:

These virtual meetings develop an impact as if the organization is working under one roof even enabling far distant and remote members to take part like an in-house team. Adequate Tele-Robotics like visual aids, wireless internet connections creates a secure chain that effortlessly overcomes global distances. Holistic Communications provides zoom rooms which bestows the best virtual meeting experience among all its competitor service providers.

  1. Unified virtual meeting setups:

This conformation is an optimum setup for broad expansive areas and class room setups where all the required audio visual aids are installed in the meeting locale. Such integrated and unified setup working from a central location broadly covers a wider setup. Zoom developer platform empower audio and visual aids and also provides a virtual environment which guarantees best screen sharing experience

  1. Online conference at Desktop or Personal Computers

This one is for highly active and demanding business personnel and is frequently used for business video conferences. Typical office workers can reach a server with a firewall or other network client with this type of virtual meeting instead of hardware Codec that is twice as your home computer desktop. Zoom business IM secure your file sharing and offers all the training and technical support. It operates efficiently by bringing a smooth and continuous virtual meeting setup right into your home computer.

  1. Telecom network based conference

This is the most convenient type of electronic configuration. All the mechanism is under control of a telecom carrier so while you sit back all the technicalities are handled by a network carrier. This technical support is also provided by Zoom.us. Hiring a telecom carrier shares half of your burden.

  1. Codec

This type of online conferencing framework requires yearly preservation and outlay and is suitable for video conferences under one roof. Someone using a white board might face a substantial challenge during rambling around the space or objective obstacles with oneself or other that bothers inside room. All these troubles can be managed with the codec that aids in extensibility and managing arena in your office. Zoom connectors raise your video systems lifting the standards of online virtual meetings


Zoom.us collaborates with its users who are engaged in online business tasks. It renders an undue reliable and quality audio-visual acquaintance. The services provided by Zoom.us of Holistic Communications are incomparable, high-tech and support uninterrupted communication with rapid data sharing experience.

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