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Using Web Video Meetings to Drive Your Sales Force and Client Services

According to the global research firm, IDC, there are estimated to be 1 billion global workers who work virtually from remote locations. Add to that, the concern many business owners share over the excessive amount of time they commit to travelling and meetings which are not productive, many companies today are looking for productive ways to serve customers, and to increase sales. One response by many companies is to implement the use of a virtual sales force to cut costs associated with travel, while still gaining an advantage over competitors. The use of web conferencing tools has shown to even further the potential of sales teams to collaborate with one another. Even so, the decision to use a virtual sales force can leave some team members feeling disconnected from one another.

In order to ensure your company benefits from the use of video web conferencing, it is important to ensure all participants can contribute effectively. When this is done, the use of web video meetings can be a powerful marketing tool and drive sales through the use of online business video conferencing, web based screen sharing, and webinars. It will also create a unified sales force within your company. It allows you to build and maintain strong professional relationships with customers better than traditional sales calls. This is particularly effective because you are able to take visual cues from the other person and make adjustments to the conversation accordingly. Combine this with other web conferencing tools, and you can watch your sales and client services team increase their productivity.

Business Video Conferencing – Demonstrating Products

When selling goods and services to customers face-to-face, there is a benefit of being able to demonstrate the products to customers before they make a purchase. Customers can ask questions and concerns can be addressed, helping to ensure a positive buying experience for the customer. With the increase in eCommerce, it is becoming more common for these types of interactions to be reduced, and customers make purchase decisions based on the information available to them on a product page, and may leave them discouraged with their purchases.

The ability to use the online system Zoom video conferencing, allows the eCommerce experience to have the face-to-face experience without actually requiring you to be physically present with a client. Customers can see live video demonstrations of a product and ask questions before making a purchase decision. Guide people through their questions rather than talk them through. The ability to interact with the customer also allows your sales team to react to the client’s responses, to ensure they are effectively communicating how a product or service works, and what options are available to meet the customer’s needs. As a result, customers feel like they are provided with personalised customer service, and are more confident in making a purchase.

By scheduling a simple online meeting in advance, your sales team is also able to invite multiple clients and sales leads to participate in the meeting. By demonstrating a product to multiple clients at once through a remote video conference, your sales team is able to share product information more efficiently, and address many of the same questions customers have at the same time. These sales meetings can also be recorded when using Zoom internet meetings or hybrid on-prem combined model, saved, and then shared with clients who may not be in attendance through a streaming service, making the potential audience even larger, and thereby increasing the potential for future sales.


Screen Sharing – A Powerful Sales Tool

If you are going to share a PowerPoint during an online sales call, you could consider emailing the presentation before the call takes place, to ensure the participants are able to retain all of the information presented. But doing this might reduce the number of attendees at the sales meeting. Instead, a better option would be to use screen sharing with Zoom meetings to ensure the participant is able to see the same high definition presentation on his or her screen as on the host’s screen. Then following the meeting, if it is appropriate to share the presentation with clients, it can easily be emailed to them for further reference.

Another benefit of a Zoom meeting is the ability to use screen sharing to easily go from sharing a live webcam feed, to a PowerPoint presentation, to a video, and back again. Since it is common for customers to have questions about new products and services, the ease of going back and forth using screen sharing allows for your sales team to quickly pull up product information or a presentation to share with a client when the need arises. This allows the meeting to be tailored to the specific clients and immediately addressing a client’s needs on demand.


Webinars – Increase Your Client Services Potential

If your company has considered hosting a seminar for your clients, but the thought of the logistics involved in running a formal seminar seems daunting, then Zoom webinar services might be the solution for you. The possibilities for a webinar are endless. Webinars can focus on providing opportunities for learning, product demonstration, or service promotion, thereby increasing your company’s client services potential. No matter what the purpose of your webinar may be, Zoom is able to scale video webinar software to meet the specific size of your audience.

The use of a webinar allows your company to have direct access to a specific target group to share product information, provide information on goods and services offered, or even for companywide employee training to ensure you are meeting your customers’ needs. Besides being able to engage with your target audience, the use of Zoom webinar services helps to reduce the costs associated with a traditional seminar. There are no travel expenses, and the cost savings makes it possible for more individuals to participate. Additional savings are also extended to the host company, by not having to organise an event and paying for a venue to host a traditional seminar.


Making Your Virtual Sales Force Effective

The key to having a successful virtual sales force is to ensure you have sufficient communication tools in place, and a leadership team who understands the potential complications which can arise when working virtually. Zoom virtual business meetings helps companies to establish the communication tools necessary to be effective, and a support team to help troubleshoot issues over the phone or remotely if the need arises. It is also necessary for all communication tools to be able to be integrated with the current technology equipment used by your sales force. Since Zoom is able to work on Mac and Windows based computers, as well as most Apple and Android mobile devices, it is able to easily be integrated into the company’s current system and communication processes.

In order for a virtual sales force to be effective, the entire sales team needs to be able to communicate and collaborate effectively with one another. Holding web video meetings is one way to encourage this collaboration to take place. Like many tools used by your sales force; it is still important to engage and motivate employees to perform to their greatest potential. Zoom makes it easier for your team to engage one another face-to-face without travelling to multiple worksites. Teams can get personalised training and development so they can excel. Video conferences using Zoom help to encourage this essential collaboration more than traditional teleconference sales calls. Zoom allows participants to have a visual reference when communicating with one another, and allows for screen sharing to take place to ensure everyone is on the same page when working on a project together.


Conclusion on web conferencing tools and virtual video calls 

In light of instabilities in the economy, many companies are looking for way to cut costs, but still being able to service customers effectively, leaving the customer satisfied. As a result, no matter what industry you are in, if you are seeking to reach a higher number of clients without a significant increase in financial costs, one option is the use of video conferencing. Zoom offers the highest quality software on the market today. By using Zoom for your video conference call sales needs, you will be able to incorporate the face-to-face experience to build professional relationships with current customers and prospective clients, without sacrificing the personal service customers have come to expect. Zoom HD meetings allows the frequent contact necessary to close the sale, while shortening the sale’s cycle, and thereby increasing your overall sales turnover numbers. One example of how Zoom has enhanced a company’s experience is the American Baptist Homes of the West, which had this to say about the services provided by Zoom, “We are reaching more external parties and have better internal collaboration with greater fidelity than ever before.”

The team at Zoom is ready to answer any questions you may have about how to incorporate video conferencing into your sale’s team arsenal. Our services are tailored to your specific company’s needs. If you are ready to see what Zoom can do for you, contact our Holistic team to schedule a free demo of what Zoom is able to do for your company to help drive your sales force and improve your client services.

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