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Small Business Solutions: Improve Efficiency and Save Money with Zoom

When you work at a small business, you are expected to do a lot with less. You are dedicated to your organization and passionate about its goals. You are invested in the success because it is synonymous with your own. With tight budgets and resources, small business employees are forced to do multiple jobs and wear multiple hats. The last thing you should have to worry about is how you are going to stay in touch with your tight-knit team and your clients. The NFIB Research Foundation, which touts itself as the “voice of small businesses,” conducted a survey of 2831 member organizations in the United States in 2016 of the problems and priorities of small businesses. Four of the top 20 problems facing small businesses were related to costs, with an additional six related to taxes. Obviously, cost is a big concern for small businesses. You need the most “bang for your buck” and at Holistic Communications, we understand that. The best is not just limited to big businesses and big budgets. The best web conferencing for small business is here. That’s why we deployed Zoom online Unified Communication Platform, a cloud web conferencing collaboration tool that allows you to keep in touch without spending too much money.

Zoom, deployed by Holistic Communications, is your complete teleconferencing solution that allows you to maximize efficiency while minimizing cost. And with the unmatched quality of Zoom, you don’t have to sacrifice to have the best online meeting tool on the market. Want to learn how Zoom can take you to the next level? Here’s all you need to know.

Ease of Use

Video conferencing with Zoom can save you time and money. Our customers have proved that to be true time and time again. With reliable web conferencing tools¸ you can save money on travel and can do trainings from the comfort of your own computer without having to leave your office, no matter how remote you are. Managers can keep in touch and learn from the successes and failures of others, and implement the lessons they have learned to their own location. It puts the power into your hands. Instead of the software managing you, Zoom lets you take back control.

In today’s age, small businesses are no longer limited to one location or a few places throughout an urban area. You have businesses around the world, and we’re here to help you grow even more. Be like the big companies and get communicate with efficiency and ease. By minimizing travel costs, you can dedicate more cash flow to employee and product development to further your company. But enough about saving costs, what is so great about Holistic Communications unified communication platform?

Simply open the platform and you will know. The high quality of Zoom is apparent from our website once you log in to the system. No more hassle trying to learn a new technology or not being able to find what you want. Zoom was created simple so you can spend less time figuring things out and more time moving your business forward. The ease of use and versatility allows you to be as flexible as needed while still accomplishing the task at hand.

Video Conferencing

With Zoom, you are not sacrificing quality for price. Our web conferencing features HD video and HD audio so you can stay in touch and not miss a beat. The system also includes voice detection regardless of the system you are using. Need to share information with a client or do a presentation? No problem. Zoom comes with high resolution screen share capabilities that allow you to share presentations, documents, photos and video clips directly through the platform. This capability is not just limited to Mac and Windows users. Zoom has revolutionized teleconferencing with its mobile screen share capabilities. You can share documents, photos, videos clips and more right from your Android or iOS device. By keeping it all in one package, it streamlines your work to impress even the pickiest of clients.

We work with your technology. No need to buy fancy equipment to use Zoom and keep in touch with the world. Zoom works with readily available high quality video meeting hardware from Logitech. It also works with Google Chrome and Outlook plug-ins so you can schedule meetings without having to worry about conflicting with someone’s schedule. By working with your pre-existing work email, you can easily get the job done in one step.


The versatility of Zoom is one its best features. As mentioned, you can use the unified communication platform from both computers and smartphones. That allows you to work on the go, no matter the time of day. You don’t see that with our competitors. We know you’re busy. With so much work to be done, sometimes you need to respond to a client when you are on your coffee run. Now you can in one easy platform. Not only can you video conference with clients and team members, Zoom also includes a chat feature where you can collaborate and problem solve quickly and easily on the go.

The mobile capabilities don’t stop there. Holistic Communications allows you to share documents, applications, Powerpoints and video with sound in high definition or low if you are having network challenges. There is a whiteboard feature so you can brainstorm and workbench ideas, just like if you were in the office. Zoom is compatible across Mac, Windows, Android and iOS systems allowing you to work with others regardless of what technology everyone is using. If you are travelling while the rest of the group is in the office, you won’t miss out of the meeting. In between meetings, you can chat with co-workers and clients to keep in touch to get projects moving forward regardless of the circumstances. With Zoom, you are able to manage all types of business connections in one place.

The versatility extends even farther so you never miss a sales call. You can access Zoom’s high quality virtual meetings through Zoom Rooms, the company’s personal website login; view-only mode, great for webinars and syndicated video, including broadcasting option to YouTube live for an unlimited audience; H.323/SIP polycom room systems compatibility, for when you can get a group together to syndicate ideas; or free telephone dial-in from over 65 countries. And regardless of what you choose, you won’t have to sacrifice quality. In fact, if your web conference is over the internet from countries including Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Philippines, Japan and any country in Asia then you receive the best proven quality available for video conferencing. The added flexibility means you don’t have to limit yourself or your company in how far you want to reach. We can’t promise you’ll receive great quality in the stars, but that doesn’t mean your dreams don’t have to reach that far!

Additional Features

So far we’ve talked about a lot of features you get with Zoom Unified Communication Platform, the best virtual meeting tool for small businesses. The premium audio and video quality alone is enough to choose Zoom for your business. The mobile compatibility and revolutionary screen sharing capabilities set Zoom apart from all of the rest. None of our competitors, Webex, Skype/Skype for Business, Joinme or Gotomeeting give you the power in controlling how and where you work. You can chat with your co-workers and clients alike with Zoom’s messaging system, and it integrates with Google Chrome and Microsoft Outlook so you can easily keep in touch and plan meetings without worrying about conflicts. The options for connecting to a web conference allow you to choose what is best for you without limiting yourself to what our program is compatible with. Your imagination is the only limit to the possibilities your company has when using Zoom deployed by Holistic Communications!

These, however, are not the only features that come when you choose Holistic Communications to power your virtual meetings.  When collaborating, you can use the “hand raise” feature so you can contribute your thoughts without interrupting someone’s train of thought. If you have dual screens, Zoom allows you to screen on both screens and get more done. You can easily switch between full screen and gallery view when video conferencing with a team.

When going so many different directions and completing so many different tasks, you can easily forget what you just heard in a meeting. Zoom has a solution for forgotten thoughts and tasks. Videos and shared content can be recorded as an MP4 to watch later. It also annotates and co-annotates conversations you whether you like written or video notes, you have options. Now you can dedicate your full attention to the task at hand. The MP4 recorded video can also be useful when dealing with clients. Your client may want to share your presentation with their team or you simply want to send a follow up email about what you talked about. With records of what you talked about already created, you simply have to share the content with them. Additionally, if you are looking to expand your team locally, within your country or anywhere in the world, the on-site deployment option with Zoom makes this possible.

All of these features come with the comfort of the security Holistic Communications provides. It works with emails, SSO or Google Logins and has Secure Socket Layer (SSR) encryption so you have peace of mind when exchanging confidential information. It also features AES 128-bit encryption, HTTPS access, role based access control and admin feature controls. With Zoom, users have control of their own privacy. We give you the tools to protect your information, you just have to do it wisely. It is even safe enough for medical professionals to consult on cases and is HIPAA compliant.

Low Cost for Big Value

We know money is tight. That’s why here at Holistic Communications we work hard to provide you the best value for your price. All of our features; including video conferencing, screen share including the revolutionary mobile capabilities, chat, white-boarding, on-site deployment and the comfort of security; are included with the Zoom Unified Communication Platform. Cloud web conferencing is free. Global teleconferencing is free. On-promise deployment option is free. You cannot find all of these features with our competitors, and if you can, it could cost your entire yearly budget. At Holistic Communications, we want to partner with your small business and give you the tools to success. Everything that comes with Zoom is only $22.99 AU per month. In the United States, there are options starting at only $14.99 US per month which is perfect for small businesses. Need high quality video conferencing equipment? Holistic Communications has your solution as well from connecting your H.323/SIP polycom video conferencing to the cloud to giving you the space to conduct a large scale webinar. It just makes smart financial sense. For less than an office coffee run a month, you and your small business could have the best online meeting tool.

There is nothing holding you back from you and your businesses potential. You may be small, but with Zoom deployed by Holistic Communications, you can be mighty. Just ask the over 500,000 companies that already love Zoom. Customer Marketing Group, one of our many customers, couldn’t have said it better:

Zoom is the most intuitive and easy-to-use video conferencing platform available. It’s also extremely affordable – an important quality for small businesses like CMG. The one-two punch of Zoom’s Unified Meeting Experience with VTEL’s all-in-one application platform, the VTEL IPanel, has taken our video conferencing capabilities to the next level. We are able to meet with team members and suppliers throughout the country and it feels like we’re all in the same room.

If you or anyone on your team could benefit from the superior quality from the best online video system for audio, web and video communication, ask our team at Holistic today how to get started.


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