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Communications services video calls and video meetings

Communication is the key for a business to flourish beyond bounds; it bridges the gap between business stakeholders and pushes for compatibility between two parties or more. Thus, if you want to strengthen the base of your business, then you should concentrate on increasing your communicative skill and power. However, that is not easy if your working partners are scattered around the globe; still, nothing is impossible. Holistic Communications understands this issue the better way, and hence has deployed ‘Zoom’ with which you can vroom into any meeting, anywhere and anytime you want.

Zoom has become the best possible tool to handle online meetings and video conferences efficiently and without any hitch. So, if you were in search of any software which can enhance your business’ accessibility, then you should opt for zoom. Once you go through its features and the benefits it offers, you will realize that you r business is incomplete without this tool.

Services to avail

Previously, only audio calls i.e. telephonic conversations were used as communication mode, but with the progress of technology, many more ways have been introduced to make interaction simpler. However, this does not mean that you will have to install ‘n’ numbers of software in your device to avail different kinds of facilities, as zoom is a unified communication platform, which contains various facets. With its help, you can:

  • Arrange web conferences with video facility,
  • share your ideas and other documents,
  • Add participants in your meeting just by dialing up, and
  • Keep your confidential matters secret

In addition, this software is capable of providing much more utilities and once you take a glance at its features, you will realize what you have been missing all these days. The best part is that many of these features are available free of cost.

Qualities that make the difference

One thing is for certain that if you want to have a quality meeting then you should use this specific tool, which is a combination of quality software. The features that make this tool stand out from the other of its kind are:

  • High definition and distinct audio and visuals, which make the meetings engaging and lets the participants participate actively. The feature of voice detection makes zoom the favorite as it can make all the more comprehensible.
  • While discussing an important topic, the participants can also share their ideas, videos, pictures and even power point presentations through screen share, which helps everyone to get a hang of the matter and to present their point-of-views. Whiteboards are also available to paint with their thoughts.
  • One can avail zoom and be a part of the meeting from any part of the world via any device. Zoom is responsive enough to work on desktops and smartphones, which follow the systems of Windows, iOS, Linux, Android etc. and so you can even make a decision and carry forward a meeting outside your office, such as in a car.
  • It is not possible to memorize all the details and all the decisions that occurred in a meeting. Zoom knows this he better way, and hence can co-annotate and annotate meetings by itself.
  • It also has an MP4 recorder, which is capable of recording videos and other necessary things of past for future use.

Free fun

If you incorporate this tool, you will eventually get some free features that make this tool an accomplished one. You will be able to hold meetings for about forty minutes with near about 50 participants without any obstruction. If you subscribe a monthly amount, then you will be able to invite more than 50 people and can debate or discuss on a topic or topics for the length of time you want.
All the features mentioned above are obtained free of cost. Thus, one can enjoy the freedom of arranging numerous meetings at minimum cost. Chatting or messaging has also gained fluidity because of this tool. Moreover, this tool is completely secure so you don’t need to worry about confidentiality.


undoubtedly, with numerous of features available; Zoom is the best bet for your online meetings. Variations in facilities make it the first choice for all those institutions, which put emphasis on web or video conferencing. Small and big business enterprises, as well as governmental offices, are leaning forward to this service for its efficiency and affectivity. It holds high prominence in the areas of Australia, India, Singapore, Japan and many more places in Asia.
Therefore, if you want to make your company’s presence felt, then you should immediately zoom in. It gives you maximum result in minimum effort, which is simply unbeatable.

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