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We live in a time where over 80% of the workforce in the United States would like to telecommute at least two to three days per week. Throughout America over 50% of the jobs held have the ability to be handled remotely forcing huge corporations to completely overhaul their working conditions and environments to suit the needs of their employees. Since 2005 the remote workforce has risen over 110% and is the fastest growing trend of any other. Businesses must work hard to stay ahead of this demand and by choosing Zoom, video conferencing for small businesses, will keep you in the game. Zoom offers cloud meeting software that will save you money and time for your remote workers, instant messaging to have constant contact with all your employees and unified communications systems for a seamless telecommuting strategy. What is the best video calling solution with the best app to make video calls? What considerations should you look at?

Cost Savings for Your Business

There are two schools of thought when it comes to employees working from home. Employers either loathe it or love it. That, however, is neither here nor there. Telecommuting is rising faster and fiercer than any other workforce trend and business owners must act now and embrace it or face dire consequences. There are significant benefits such as cost savings, increased productivity and efficiency that can be had by business owners by allowing their employees to remote into work. Zoom is a full scale unified communication service solutions provider that can give you exactly what you need such as:

  • Improved collaboration across your organisation
  • Reduce collaboration and communication costs
  • Reduce travel costs
  • Increase sales
  • Increase client base
  • Reduce overhead
  • Increase your hiring capabilities across the globe to increase your talent pool
  • Increased retention
  • Cost savings on training because you can hire skilled workers from anywhere

Productivity and Morale

There is much to be said about working remotely and cutting down on the stress of a lengthy commute to the office and dealing with water cooler gossip that will give your employees a great boost in morale and productivity. Decreased stress has also been proven to reduce loss of work from sick days increasing productivity. Most times when employees work remotely they often work longer hours resulting in increased performance and efficiency. Use Zoom’s Cisco’s unified telecommunications solution which offers:

  • Hi definition video and audio built for mobile capability. Uses the newest codecs and technological advancements with no added hardware needed.
  • Wireless sharing with no cords or cables required from your desktop and mobile devices.
  • Zoom Rooms which is H.323/SIP room systems that communicate with any desktop and mobile device in any room with screen share abilities. Works with most endpoints such as Polycom, Lifesize and Cisco.
  • One touch instant start or voice command for meetings with calendar controls
  • Include remote participants via desktops, video meeting rooms, mobile devices and other video conference room systems
  • Real time dashboard to have full control and management of your software based video conferencing solutions.
  • Audio conferencing with free dial in, dial out for ease of use and toll free where required.

World Wide Talent Pool

Travel costs are just the tip of the iceberg when you think of the talent pool you create when you allow employees to remote into work. If you restrict your hiring needs to your immediate area or local commuter lines of public transit you are doing yourself and your business a disservice and increasing your costs in overhead, turnover, training and real estate. Hiring across the globe opens up the possibilities of higher skilled talent that may be available to you for hire at a reduced salary than what is the norm in your current location. Zoom’s cloud based video conferencing solutions could save your business time and money in a period of workplace change and transformation.

Job Satisfaction

With the general workforce rapidly moving toward telecommuting, survey after survey has proven that over 60% of individuals who remote into work, have higher job satisfaction than those who go into the office each day. Higher job satisfaction has significantly increased retention rates among companies that hire remote workers reducing hiring and training costs. Over 80% of telecommuters have reported a better balance between life and work and an astounding 75% of remote employees report that they feel more loyalty towards their employer. Gain an advantage over other businesses and get Zoom’s video conference cloud service with state of the art technology to better serve your remote employees. Zoom offers webinar conference software, the best online meeting tools, screen share, instant messaging and much more and has become known as the best video conferencing solutions for small businesses, corporates, governments and enterprises. Web meetings tools encourage interaction with others and provide the collaboration tools online for every conference or situation for team participation.

Future Transformation

The World Economic Forum is forecasting that the hugest driving trend in the general workforce for businesses is going to be the opportunities for employees to have flexibility in their employment. This means that an employer should give an employee options to work remotely and be a player on a virtual team. Don’t be one of those companies who do not offer flexibility in an ever growing technological world. Give your employees the incentives and benefits they desire by offering them virtual business meetings online that they can attend from the comfort of their own home. Web conferencing, instant messaging and other state of the art technological collaboration tools are available from Zoom that are easy to use and setup with no additional hardware and expenses.

Today’s workforce is transforming at a rapid pace and for businesses to keep up you need Zoom’s video conferencing solutions for small businesses. Telecommuting is a trend that is far outpacing any other in the workforce today and employers need to realise the benefits before they are left behind. Technology is always changing the shape of our workforce and how we do business and Zoom has become known as the best video conferencing solution for small businesses for a reason. We know and understand the trends of remote work and will do whatever it takes to help you keep up with the workforce ebbs and flows to keep your employees collaborations and productivity at its best. Get your unified communications strategy solutions today.

There is no industry or business which can’t obtain the benefits of web video meetings, business webinars, unified collaboration solutions for entire organisational collaboration, and enabling workers to participate from any place of work.

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