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In the medical field, your goal is to provide the best possible care for your patients. You use all your training and your network, but sometimes, the patients’ ailments require additional evaluation or collaboration. You could spend a small fortune on special technology tailored for telemedicine. Instead of incurring this cost, or having to pass the cost onto the patients, you have other options. Zoom, a unified communication platform created by Holistic Communications, provides a secure way to get in touch with other professionals. Whether you are consulting a specialist, launching a telemedicine practice, working in a medical team to care for a patient or with others researching a condition, Zoom gives you the options to better work with others. The best part is that it doesn’t require any special hardware to do it. Everything is stored in the cloud so you will always have access to your conversations, even when travelling.

A Collaboration Tool that Works for All Medical Needs

Zoom is crafted to meet all your telehealth needs. The high quality video conferencing, secure messaging and content sharing aid you in providing the best care for your patients. At Holistic Communications, we believe every telehealth practice deserves good communication. Our platform works no matter the services you offer:

  • Healthcare education with Zoom’s Video Webinar
  • Virtual counseling, great for mental and behavioral health practices
  • Remote patient diagnostics
  • Consultation with specialists, patients and other physicians
  • Hospital administration meetings
  • Triage and disaster response
  • Home healthcare

All of Zoom’s services are centered on one goal for your medical practice, making communication easier to provide the best care. No matter what form your practice takes, you can collaborate with others through cloud video conferencing. Good care is no longer limited on where you are. You can provide good care to patients around the world.

Security for Safer Collaboration

You are caring for a child in a rural community with a rare condition. To offer the best care, you want to consult experts on this condition. You are also part of the care team through a nearby children’s hospital, ensuring you are attending to all the patients’ needs. Video conferencing seems like unrelated software to this problem. But this is where Zoom shines. Zoom allows you to encrypt patient files and share them with other professionals securely within the platform. That way, all files and communication are stored in one place and you don’t have to worry about staying compliant with HIPAA. Some of our safety standards include:

  • Multi-layer security measures with end-to-end AES 256 encryption
  • Business Associate Agreements with Zoom
  • Transmission of encrypted information, never granting Zoom permission to access protected health information

Whether you want to video conference or secure message your medical team, Zoom has the ability to do the job safely making it the best online meeting tool for telehealth. And with the added security, you can provide better care.

Do you feel your practice could better reach your goals if you had better communication? If the answer is yes, Zoom is the teleconferencing solution for you. Zoom connects you with specialists and care teams around the world and helps you get your patients better faster.

Features to Get the Job Done

Zoom is known for its high quality. HD audio and HD video come standard. Whether you are corresponding with medical practitioners across the state, the country or the world, Zoom has options to connect you effortlessly. Where you and your patients are does not have to be a barrier to providing the best care. Zoom is a single solution that works across clinical and enterprise settings. From a local office to a health system to a research team, Zoom has the features to get your job done more efficiently. Effective communication is no longer limited to the biggest wallet. Holistic Communications works to provide a unified communication system that’s affordable and accessible to every practice. And just as the size of your budget doesn’t have to limit you, neither does your location. You can connect to Zoom meetings in different ways to give you access to medical professionals around the world:

  • Free call-in from more than 65 countries
  • Mobile app access for iPhone, iPad and Android devices
  • View-only mode, for webinars and workshops – you can even upload these videos directly onto YouTube after the stream
  • 323/SIP polycom room system compatibility, perfect for board meetings or care team consultations with remote patients
  • Zoom Rooms, our meeting rooms launched from our website

Along with video conferencing, you get even more including:

  • Secure messaging to individuals and group
  • Screen sharing from computers, Apple and Android devices
  • MP4 recordings and cloud storage of recordings and shared content
  • Voice detection
  • Annotation/co-annotation for both mobile apps and computers
  • Whiteboard and share ideas with your care team

Our unified communication platform was built with you in mind. Many of these features come free. Holistic Communications also designed Zoom to easily integrate and operate with other programs. If you are a small practice or a large health system, you shouldn’t limit your collaboration based on who has access to what. That’s why we offer interoperability with:

  • Epic EHR, Office 365 integration
  • Skype/Skype for Business
  • Syncs with point-of-care medical devices including diagnostic cameras and digital stethoscopes from manufacturers like GlobalMed Technologies, Thinklabs and more
  • Google Chrome and Microsoft Outlook plugins

Zoom’s advanced security, flexibility and many features are tailored to help elevate your medical practice. Whether are a local physician trying to provide better care for your patients, expanding your practice to telehealth or a health system working to advance medicine, Holistic Communication designed Zoom with you in mind. For more information on how Zoom would work for your practice, contact Holistic Communications today to find out how to get started.

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