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When you own a business it is important to find a substantial and robust video web conferencing software solution to meet every single one of yours and your client’s needs. It proves to be extremely hard to find just the right one that meets every criteria as per your requirements that has been rated best in customer experience, supports numerous languages so you can communicate with clients and employees who may be in different parts of the world and which video conferencing software provider gives you the hardware and software that support multiple different devices, gives you ample features to fit your needs and also provides pricing structures that fit into your business budget plans. So let’s take a look at Zoom Web Meeting app solution vs GoToMeeting and see how Zoom can benefit your business. From my years of using multiple technologies I have not found anything which compares for quality, of audio, video and overall performance like Zoom’s all in one platform.

Pricing Structure

Most likely the most important in a small business owners mind is price when purchasing a web based unified communications software solution to keep everyone connected while remaining mobile to keep pace with today’s demanding world. Zoom offers four excellent enterprise video conferencing pricing brackets that will fit any budget you require with ample features in each such as:

  • The ability to host over 100 participants (standard)
  • Some options for licencing are Free!!
  • Personal meetings
  • Unlimited one on one meetings
  • Free online support twenty four seven
  • Ultimate Video Conferencing Features
  • Extreme Web Conferencing Features
  • Vast Security Protocols
  • Dashboard
  • LTI Integration
  • Executive Business Review included in the Business Plan
  • HD voice and video
  • Unlimited duration and meeting times and quantities
  • Dynamic voice detection
  • MP4 and M4A Voice and Video Recording either local or Cloud
  • Google Chrome and Outlook Plugins
  • Screen Sharing
  • Whiteboarding
  • Rest API
  • Join by Zoom Rooms,
  • Toll Free dialling
  • 323/SIP and Call Me
  • Company Branding
  • Emails
  • And so much more included in the Zoom online Video conferencing software package solution.

Get your free consultation with Holistic Communications today and see what a difference Zoom Web Meetings vs GoToMeeting can do for your small business today. Zoom has been named the 2017 Magic Quadrant Leader for Meeting Solutions by Gartner, so don’t let your business fall behind, get Zoom and solve your video conferencing software system solutions today.

Overall Customer Experience and Ratings

Zoom takes the cake when it comes to a 2017 poll of customer rating and experiences for business owners who have used both GoToMeeting and Zoom for their all in one meeting and communication software solution. When polled by business owners Zoom business owners found that GoToMeeting return on investment was very poor, users adoption was poor because GoToMeeting was cumbersome and harder to use than Zoom. Zoom business users claim that the web conferencing solution product quality was soaring in the right direction compared to GoToMeeting’s product and Zoom’s customer service was head and shoulders above that of GoToMeeting. Zoom also rated much higher in support services both technical and customer service along with the admin database was easier to control setup and use as was the entire communication system solution.


Overall Zoom won over GoToMeeting in all categories including features which include:

  • Best in HD audio and video
  • Scheduling
  • Meeting initiation and joining
  • Video and audio recording
  • Screen sharing
  • Follow-up

Zoom also hits a home run with their content which included slideshows and feature rich media. They also won with their interaction options such as chat options, polling and webinar elements and overall communication solution platform elements such as mobile friendly options, overall performance and reliability, security and enterprise scalability. Visit Holistic Communications today and get Zoom for your small business communication solution strategy, you will not be disappointed. Get a free trial of zoom rooms video conferencing, or h.323 sip room connectors as part of your evaluation and 10 free licences as part of the free trial. We believe zoom is the right solution for you, that we want you to try it in all circumstances, and on all devices. Ask the team at Holistic Communications today how to get started.

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