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Bringing all levels of Governments around the World into the Now for video and real-time unified communications, for Local, State and Federal Government including agencies

Virtual meetings are no longer the way of the future; they are the way of now, and not only for corporations and non-profits. Online meeting tools are critical in the success of any organisation, including governments, large and small, and government agencies. Let Zoom Unified Communication Platform deployed by Holistic Communications help bring you into the now with our state-of-the-art unified communication platform.

There are numerous options on the market that can be found by doing a simple search. These products vary in ease of use, security, and quality. When it comes to enterprise video communications and enterprise messaging systems users choose what is most important to them. With the Zoom Unified Communication Platform deployed by Holistic Communications, you do not have to compromise quality and features for an affordable price. It is no wonder Zoom enterprise video and messaging is the best online meeting tool on the market.

Ease of Use for all hosts and participants in meetings

One of the strengths of Zoom is its easy-to-use interface. It is compatible with Windows and Mac computers as well as Android and iOS smartphones. Zoom virtual meetings can handle all network bandwidths and challenges keeping glitches to the minimum. On one platform, employees have a safe-to-use collaboration tool that allows them to group chat, video conference, share relevant files and screen share from both computers and iPhones,. No more needing to learn multiple interfaces to get one job done. With Zoom, you are streamlining your work so you can get the job done faster.

When working on something as high stakes as government projects, it is important that you have a record of what was done. Zoom features MP4 recording of video and/or shared content as well as it annotates and co-annotates your virtual meetings. You don’t have to scribble down notes or have a secretary keeping an annotation of your work. This allows you the freedom to work at your own pace while still meeting all guidelines.

When it comes to the needs of government this can vary widely depending on the department and the services required internally or the services to people out of the organisation, such as:

·       Team meetings

·       Inter-department communications and collaboration

·       Inter government agency discussions

·       Council and state collaboration and meetings

·       Federal communications and enterprise messaging

o   International and local meetings

o   Recorded meetings

o   Training meetings

o   Minister meetings

o   Executive and staff meetings

o   Meetings with other governments

·       Healthcare knowledge sharing and live support

·       In home care services

·       Meetings with council rate payers

·       Supplier meetings

·       Government compliance workshops

Zoom also allows you to work on-the-go through a secure platform . No matter where in the city or state you have a meeting, you can keep in touch with the home office to make sure urgent tasks are taken care of. The messaging system works across platforms and allows you to use the push-to-talk feature on your smartphone. Meetings don’t have to be cancelled – they can just go virtual. Zoom’s video conferencing system allows you to share your screens, Power points, applications and video with sound (in either high or low definition, depending on network capabilities); allow you to be fully present in the meeting and keep the government running. And with the fast-paced nature of government, you can keep in touch and make quick decisions without having the full information. With Zoom, your team has always got your back. And these features are not limited on size. No matter if you are a local or state government, a government agency, or even a federal government, Zoom gives you the capability of staying in touch while still being secure.

Safe and Secure Communications platform

A critical tenet of government function is the ability to keep your information safe. Whether you are discussing how to spend tax dollars; urban planning or the next ground-breaking of a business, it is important to keep information private and secure. Zoom Unified Communications Platform can keep your work safe and secure, while still keeping it accessible. It works with work emails, SSO or Google Logins and has Secure Socket Layer (SSR) encryption so you can have peace of mind while exchanging confidential information. It also features AES 128-bit encryption, HTTPS access, role based access control and admin feature controls. With the most stringent security and controls in place it is now possible for government at local, state and federal levels to benefit from the cloud / SaaS business meetings solutions or get a hybrid models. It also has access to the Dashboard for full control and real-time meeting support or join a meeting live in real-time to give support and see jitter, latency, packets transmission and all participants devices and connections.

Whether Video conferencing, group messaging, or sharing documents or tutorials through screen share, Zoom is a safe collaboration tool that allows you to exchange information without worrying about who will see it. If doctors feel comfortable sharing protected health information (PHI) while still being HIPAA compliant, it’s proof that Zoom enterprise meetings is the go-to teleconferencing solution that can keep your information safe and secure. The security even extends to smartphones, so you can safely take your information on the go without fear it will fall into unwanted hands. Healthcare is adopting video communications for transferring skills from long distances, to in home patient care. There are many ways for secure communications to dramatically improve the outcomes in patient care and safe cost effective government interaction.

Quality video and audio communications on and off network

You don’t have to sacrifice quality to get access to the Zoom Unified Communication Platform. The quality provided by Holistic Communications is better than any of its competitors. It not only offers HD video and HD audio, but extends its quality standards to voice detection regardless of the system you are using. The quality goes even farther and includes screen sharing which allows you to get the most out of memos and works in progress through high resolution screen views.

No matter where you are located, Zoom can help your government office or agency work to its highest potential. Because Zoom utilises cloud video conferencing (and hybrid), you can access the video conference through:

·       Zoom Rooms video conference

·       The company’s website login

·       View-only mode, great for webinars and syndicated video,

·       Including YouTube live-for press conferences and announcements to unlimited audience participants

·       H.323/SIP polycom room systems compatibility and more, for when you need to get old systems and clients solutions working together

·       Free telephone dial-in from over 65 countries

·       Ant mobile smartphone or tablet while on the go

If you are holding your teleconference over the internet from countries including Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Philippines, Japan and any country in Asia, then Zoom virtual meetings is proven the best quality.

The government never sleeps, and neither does Zoom. Because of the versatility of this collaboration tool, you will never be out of reach of your team, even if meeting with people across the globe. Whether conducting a video conference with the media, working on the next revolutionary legislation with your team while on the road, or you just want a secure way to communicate across Windows, Mac, Android and iOS systems, Zoom Unified Communication Platform deployed by Holistic Communications can help you achieve your goal. For only $22.99 AU per month, (enterprise pricing available on request) you have everything you need to keep your business, and the government, moving forward.

There is no limit to uses for video meetings and enterprise instant messaging in government, no matter which department from Health, Finance or Treasury, Education, Defence, Foreign affairs, Veteran’s affairs, Innovation, Agriculture, the attorneys Generals, Infrastructure, Customs, Immigration and border control or agency’s you work in for leveraging immersive video and real-time communication for collaborating in every way you need to.

For more information or to get started and understand how you can start securely holding video meetings and conferences, contact our team at Holistic Communications public sector team today.

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