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The Gartner Quadrant refers to a report completed by Quadrant, Inc, that is based on market research. It looks at the current trends in a specific industry, and makes judgments on what companies are the leaders in the industry. This report is completed by Quadrant, Inc, who is an independent company and is not endorsed by any vendor, making them an excellent resource for those looking for a non-biased assessment of the best solution to meet their company’s needs. In the area of virtual video service offerings, there were only three companies identified as being leaders within the industry. Based on this report, Zoom meetings is one of these top leaders because of the following three reasons.


Innovative and Reliable

One of the most important things about any virtual meeting software is that it needs to stay current on trends and changes within the industry. However, because the world of technology is constantly evolving, it is often easy to become unreliable when rapid changes are made by a company. Zoom video conferencing has been able to remain innovative, while still stayed consistent with their mission, and provided a reliable service to customers. As a result, it has become well known as one of the best video conferencing solutions available on the market to date. This same commitment to innovation will continue to drive Zoom as it seeks to provide an excellent product to customers in the future as well.


Collaboration Features

Another thing that makes Zoom stand out as the best solution for online meetings is the number of online collaboration tools available when hosting a Zoom meeting. In addition, these features are available as part of the free service plan as well as the service plans which cost customers for longer online meetings. The use of the whiteboard feature, allows all participants to collaborate together, make annotations, and share ideas, while easily saving the information without taking notes, unlike in traditional face to face meetings that utilized a whiteboard for collaboration. Other tools also include the ability to file share, group chat, and use instant messaging to communicate between participants without interrupting the flow of the meeting.

Free Service Option

Very few companies offer a FREE version of their software to customers, and those who do usually do so for a limited trial period. However, Zoom Meetings offers a FREE “trial” version of its meeting software to customers for an indefinite period of time. This allows customers to truly try the product before committing financially to purchasing an online meeting product. Customers have been so satisfied with the results, that there is a high enough conversion rate of customers who opt to pay for the service that Zoom has continued to offer the FREE plan to customers despite the industry norm. So for any company or individual looking to host free video conferencing for less than an hour at a time, Zoom is the best free video meeting software available.


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