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When choosing a web conferencing service, you may be overwhelmed with options. Companies like Webex, Skype/Skype for Business, Gotomeeting and Joinme offer a way to communicate. While our competitors offer you web conferencing and ways to stay in touch, Zoom stands above the rest. Zoom Unified Communication Platform is your total teleconferencing solution. It is more than just video conferencing. With Zoom, you get a complete collaboration tool to keep you in the loop with clients and coworkers. The best part is you get access to premium features at no additional cost. In fact, many of our great features come standard with our free version. Here are six reasons that set us apart and why your company should deploy Zoom today.

1. Connect to SIP calls straight to your app

One of the best things about Zoom is its versatility. It works on computers, smartphones and with pre-existing H.323/SIP endpoints. You get the same quality no matter how you choose to connect. In fact, you can connect to video conference calls five different ways:

  • Your pre-existing polycom room system and other H.323/SIP endpoints
  • Mobile app access for Apple and Android smartphones
  • Free telephone dial-in calls from over 65 countries
  • View only mode, great for trainings and webinars and the ability to broadcast live on YouTube
  • Zoom Rooms, Holistic Communications’ custom website portal

Travelling for work can be tedious and daunting, especially when important meetings continue without you. You never have to miss a briefing or appointment with a client, no matter where you are. At Holistic Communications, we understand business is becoming increasingly mobile. That’s why we ensure portability and versality within our platform. Zoom is built for you to optimize your video conferencing experience. The workplace is becoming more diversified and our modes of communication need to change with it. That’s why we give you options on how to connect to meetings. Whether you are in a conference room with peers or on the road to meet a client, you can stay connected. With Zoom, we strive to be a collaboration tool you can rely on to keep you in touch and in the loop.

2. Quality Video and Audio

With the increased versatility you get when choosing Zoom, you don’t have to sacrifice quality. In fact, we have the best video quality on the market in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand and throughout Asia. Where you work geographically shouldn’t limit the quality you experience, even when you are on the go. And if you work remotely, you deserve the same quality communication as those that work together in an office.

The quality is seen from the high definition video and audio to the easy-to-navigate platform. We took the time to design a platform, and subsequent app, that would meet your needs. Where you are located shouldn’t be the barrier that stops work from getting done. Communicate and get work done efficiently with Zoom’s quality features. Some of our quality features include:

  • HD video and audio, so you can be seen and heard clearly
  • Multiple ways to connect to the platform
  • High definition screen sharing from both computers and Apple and Android smartphones
  • MP4 recording and shared content stored right within the cloud
  • Annotation and co-annotation of meetings
  • Voice detection software for both computers and mobile devices
  • “Hand raise” feature to collaborate without interrupting your team members
  • Secure messaging system to communicate with individuals and groups

No matter how you access the meeting you can rest assured you can listen with quality. You don’t have to sacrifice clear communication just because you are not physically working in a team. The power of Zoom allows you to use cloud video conferencing to reach people all over the world. Whether clients or team members, your potential is no longer limited by location. The quality is preserved in our MP4 recordings of your meetings and the content you store in the cloud. We offer premium voice detection and annotation/co-annotation of meetings. That way, if you missed something or were multi-tasking, you have a reliable record of what took place. The screen sharing feature on our Apple and Android apps cannot be found with any other platform. We truly offer a unified communication platform for all your business needs.

Our goal at Holistic Communications is to provide you the best online meeting tool to allow your business to flourish. As the world is becoming more globalized, business is no longer limited by geographic location. And the quality of your communication and work shouldn’t be limited either. Zoom offers a quality web conferencing experience that is unrivaled by our competitors.

3. Video Conference Compatibility

Good communication should not be limited only to the companies with the biggest bank account which is why we designed Zoom to be compatible with you. We already discussed the many ways you can connect into our platform. But the compatibility of our platform expends beyond this. Zoom video conferencing works with whatever you have. You can connect to calls with a pre-existing polycom room system, your laptop or office computer, even your smartphone. We want communication to be accessible to all. That’s why we offer additional features to make it even easier to incorporate Zoom into your daily life:

  • Dual streams, allowing you to view both content and video on dual screens
  • Multiple view options including active speaker, gallery view and full screen
  • Google Chrome and Microsoft Outlook plug-ins, to easily schedule and access meetings
  • Revolutionary screen sharing from both computers and smartphones
  • Cloud storage you can access anywhere and anytime
  • Skype/Skype for Business interoperability, allowing you to work with clients who don’t utilize the Zoom platform

Our entire business plan is tailored to making communication easier for you and removing barriers to success. That’s why our features are tailored to your needs. Our mobile app is designed to streamline the communication process when you’re away from your keyboard. You can participate in video web conferencing, send secure messages to clients and team members, share content and more. You don’t lose accessibility just because you are on the go. Our screen sharing features make it even easier to fully participate in groupwork. With each device, you get additional features to give you full access to Zoom’s platform:

  • iPhone-Use this revolutionary technology to share the screen of your device in Zoom meetings, and content including images, website links and documents from cloud-based sources like Dropbox, Google Drive and Box.
  • Android-Sync your phone with Zoom and you are able to share images and content from the web straight to your meeting attendees.
  • iPad-You get the features of an iPhone and then some! The Zoom iPad app co-annotates meetings and acts as a remote control for your screen sharing.

4. H.323/SIP Room Connection

One of the benefits of Zoom is it works with your pre-existing technology. Video conferencing shouldn’t be limited to the newest laptops and technologies. You can communicate effectively using your pre-existing polycom room system or H.323/SIP room endpoints. These are big investments for companies, especially smaller companies looking to grow. Zoom enables H.323/SIP systems from Cicso, Lifesize, Polycom and more to work directly with computers, tablets and mobile devices. You can easily integrate your system with the click of a button. We designed Zoom to be an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly platform. Our commitment to this allows us to leverage what you already have for better results. Benefits of Zoom conference rooms include:

  • Ability to patch any pre-existing conference room technology into the cloud with Zoom’s Room Connector
  • Support H.235, H.239, H.264 and G.722 protocols
  • Connect multiple H.323/SIP systems or MCU bridges
  • Cloud-based or on-site room connectors, to meet your specific meeting needs

Cloud video conferencing is not meant to be a hassle and something else to learn. By leveraging what your company already has, Zoom works with you to better your communication. If you want to learn more about how this service would work with your system, check out zoom.us/roomconnector for more information.

5. The Best Total Cost of Ownership on the Market

What’s better than free? Many of Zoom’s features come complimentary. At Holistic Communications, we believe every company deserves quality communication. That’s why we designed our unified communication platform and our pricing structure with businesses in mind. Our free video conferencing tools are perfect for individuals and entrepreneurs. Some of the great tools and features you get for free include:

  • Screen sharing from computers and Apple and Android apps-Screen share allows you to share video and content with other attendees.
  • Meeting IDs-Help your attendees find your online meeting with an easily identifiable ID numbers.
  • Flexible scheduling-Whether you plan a weekly meeting or need to hop on and have a quick video chat to catch up, Zoom allows you to hold a meeting whenever you want. You don’t have to schedule meetings beforehand. Just connect to the platform and start collaborating.
  • Microsoft Outlook and Google Chrome plug ins-No more excuses of why someone could not make the meeting. You can check schedules before setting your meeting to make sure all attendees are available.
  • MP4 and MPA recordings-Zoom records your meetings and content shared throughout the chat and store them in our cloud-based platform to be viewed later.
  • Messaging-Zooms has secure messaging within the platform, allowing you to messageteam members, clients or groups right within the No matter how you discuss your business, you can do it all in one place. No more going through your email, documents and notes trying to find what you are look for.
  • Host controls-Zoom gives you the control. With the ability to personalize the application and privacy settings, you are in control.
  • Hand Raise-When working in a group, many people may be trying to talk at once. You can still hold a respectful meeting with video conferencing with Zoom’s “raise hand” capability. It allows you to politely contribute with interrupting other meeting attendees.
  • Unlimited one-on-one meetings
  • Unlimited number of meetings
  • Group meetings up to 50 attendees (40 minutes maximum)
  • Group collaboration features such as breakout rooms, keyboard and mouse controls, virtual whiteboards, and group messaging
  • Video conference features such as HD video, HD audio, multiple display settings and free telephone calls

Zoom offers additional web conferencing tools and features for medium sized businesses to large enterprises for a small fee. These features give you even more freedom in communication:

  • User management
  • Option to join by Zoom Rooms, H.323/SIP room systems,and free telephone calls
  • Skype for Business /Skype interoperability, allowing you to work with people not deployingZoom
  • Unlimited meeting duration regardless of size
  • Option to add more than 50 participants
  • 1GB of cloud-based recording of video and content, with the option for additional storage
  • Managed domains
  • Custom meeting ID
  • Admin feature controls
  • Company branding
  • Vanity URL
  • Reporting
  • LTI integrate

We designed our platform to meet your company’s specific needs. Zoom is the best online meeting tool available because it gives you the freedom to communicate. With so many great features for free, cost no longer limits your company’s potential.

6. We Partner with You for Success

Holistic Communications is committed to our customers. That’s why over 400,000 customers keep using Zoom to stay in touch. We believe Zoom’s unified communication platform is more than a product. It is a commitment to service to help your company grow. That’s why we offer solutions, hardware and equipment for all your teleconferencing needs. Our technicians are available to help you troubleshoot problems at any time. We leverage the technology you already use, whether it’s hardware or Microsoft Outlook.

We want to make communication easy, because business is tough. You don’t need technology standing in the way of communicating in the era of global companies and remote workers. We give you the freedom to travel for work, or pleasure, but stay in touch with what’s going on in the office Your company deserves a collaboration tool that utilizes cloud video conferencing to take your business to the next level, contact Holistic Communications today and ask about how to get started.

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