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If you are a physician or a physician’s assistant and running a small or medium sized medical practice and need a secure communications software solution for business to business and business to client collaboration, then staying HIPPA compliant is a serious concern. HIPPA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which is the privacy standard that protects patient’s rights, medical records, and information on their health plans, doctors and hospital records and much more. There are many guidelines and regulations surrounding HIPPA and how to handle and enforce HIPPA information. As far as Zoom and Holistic Communications is concerned in regards to HIPPA, we are concerned with the regulations and enforcement of the implementation of technology and exchange of protected health information in an electronic environment. There is the HITECH, Security Rule and the Privacy Rule which regulates and enforces all HIPPA electronic sharing and implementation. You can read each link at your leisure but know that Zoom has you covered and secure with Zoom for Telehealth.

Staying Connected and Compliant

Holistic Communications offers Zoom for Telehealth which boasts to keep you connected and compliant. HIPPA compliant Zoom & Telehealth is a signed Business Associate Agreement between Zoom and Telehealth consumers which Zoom never sees, stores or has access to patient’s sensitive private health information. Zoom and Holistic Communications has extreme security measures that use a multi-layer, end to end encrypted 256 bit security protocol. The collaboration between Telehealth and Zoom is a single solution between a clinical setting and a total health care enterprise which brings together expertise in both heath care and technology. Telehealth is engineered to work well with doctors, physicians, medical staff and insurance companies while Zoom is accustomed to working with technology giants, tech gadget gurus and security executives, so you are in good hands while working collectively with this team.

Collaboration, Integration and Technological Advancements

There are many technological advancements in healthcare today from the healthcare technology giants such as GlobalMed Technologies who developed CoolTouch, PhotoMedex, OmniLux and BTL or the ThinkLab folks who developed the Digital Stethoscope which now has an App. Zoom, brought to you by Holistic Communications, works by integrating perfectly Telehealth technology protocols with Zooms unified communications and collaboration software solutions and security protocols to bring together a complete and ultimate healthcare compliant package for your physician’s office, doctors office, dentists office, clinic or whatever type of medical or healthcare facility you own and operate. Zoom even integrates with Epic ERH and Office 365 and older operating systems and hardware, H.323/SIP carts and conference room systems and other point of care devices. There are also many different applications that work with Zoom communications software systems such as triage and disaster response apps, display and broadcast hospital admin video meetings, home healthcare, virtual counseling for behavioral and mental health facilities and home care, virtual consultations for physicians, specialists and patients, remote patient diagnostics, healthcare education via Zoom video webinars and much more. Get your free trial of Zoom with Telehealth today from Holistic Communications and see what a difference compliance, security and quality can make for your

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