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Today’s world is fast paced and extremely mobile and if you and your business are not following the latest and greatest trends and keeping up with the ever-changing technology advancements you and your business are going to be left behind. If you resist technology and how fast things change today you and your business will not thrive. Do you require each of your employees to work the 9-5 grind and punch a clock? Do you make sure that you see the whites of everyone on your payrolls eyes because that is how you know they are being productive and effective?

If you answered yes to those two questions the world of technology today may be leaving you and your business behind. Change is inevitable in all things, especially technology, so you must go with it because your business hangs in the balance otherwise. Zoom Meetings, an all in one enterprise communications software solution for businesses powered by Holistic Communications, will help you keep your business in the 21st century. Don’t let your business suffer because you can’t keep up with the ever-changing technology waves. Let Zoom Meetings handle all your collaboration and communication management for your business for you.

Saving Money

Many business owners don’t consider a unified communications solution such as Zoom meetings because they fear it costs too much. In truth an all in one communications system for businesses, either large or small, is a huge cost savings. Business owners have to communicate with customers, vendors, employees, partners and so many others while thinking about the needed equipment, services and employees to make that communication possible. Zoom takes all that worry away and also saves time and money by offering:

  • Cloud based video conferencing– reduces costs on all levels
  • Video conferencing
  • Mobile screen sharing software
  • Enterprise room connector
  • Zoom rooms
  • Wireless- no cabling or tethering required
  • Cross platform business instant messaging and chat
  • Webinars with 10000 attendees or available YouTube connection
  • Wireless sharing
  • High definition video and audio

Another cost savings is travel costs for employees and clients that are not in your local area. Increase collaboration and communication saves you and your business money and time on many levels when everyone can communicate at anytime from anywhere. Zoom Meetings even opens up your talent pool and allows you to work with skilled people from anywhere in the world and possibly for less than what is locally expected. Using a great unified communications solution can save so much time and money and using our cloud based video conferencing will keep your business from being left behind.

Productivity Matters

We have all been in those meetings that seem to drag on for hours and nothing gets solved or seems to reach a stopping point and leaves us wondering why we even had the meeting to begin with. Having a sound unified communications strategy for your business using Zoom Meetings means you can communication with your business team at anytime from anywhere without losing productivity and keeping them and yourself motivated and efficient. Zoom Meetings unified communications solution provides:

  • Zoom app for smartphone and other mobile devices and desktops for collaboration
  • Audio and video conferencing for all devices
  • Webinars for 10000 attendees and/or YouTube connection
  • Zoom Rooms- The world’s first software defined room based video conferencing system
  • H323/SIP support for traditional video conferencing systems
  • Native integration for your SaaS applications such as Drop Box, Sales Force and LMS systems.
  • Full access to our developer suite


If you truly don’t want your business to be left behind you have to build a name for your brand. Brand loyalty is crucial in today’s crazy world so having a unified communications company that can help you build a customised services API packages which highlight the features that are important to you and your business and create uniform branding across the entire organisation through your communication strategy and make it look as if it is uniquely yours will be key. Zoom Meetings does just that. We customize the look and feel of your branding, get you and keep you in touch with your audience, take care of your reporting, build your polling and so much more.

  • Scalable packages
  • Customised branding- add logos to emails, registrations forms etc.
  • Works with your existing CRM and marketing automation platforms
  • Approve registrations automatically or manually or forgo registrations altogether
  • End to end 256 bit AES encryption for extreme security
  • Webinar portal for ease of access from any desktop or mobile device
  • Webinar controls to easily manage attendees and panellists with a click of a button
  • Premium audio with added toll free calling with seventy countries available to choose from
  • Reporting on all registrants, attendees, panellists and full Q&A for follow-up
  • Recording in MP4 and MP4A either locally or in the cloud for promotion or future translation
  • Q&A dialog box with live text
  • Engagement and polling
  • Private and group chats with panellists and attendees
  • Practice sessions with other panellists before the webinar
  • Unlimited VoIP and dial in for 54 countries
  • Up to fifty live video panellists can interact and share their webcams


No matter the type of business you own or how big or small it is you want it to grow and be profitable. To do that you need to be able to rest assured that you can react to change, be able to scale down or up and remove waste or add value to your business whenever you see fit. If you have to get rid of employees today but hire 3 tomorrow then you should be able to do that. By investing in a cloud based video conferencing communication solutions service who frees up your time, expenses and having your back when it comes to your businesses technology you can focus on your business. Zoom Meetings can offer you freedom to choose to run your business from anywhere in the world from your smartphone and you can rest assured you and your business are not being left behind.

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