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Place your work with Video Conferencing

Considering today’s genre, the office atmosphere has completely taken a different route. The desk tabling, planned offices, the working place and operating via home, the working system in the offices has changed entirely. Collaboration is not only important but a lifeline, which connects the thoughts as well the individuals around the world. Video conferencing technology has taken a level of communication linking people globally. Now the location does not matter anymore with Zoom, a Unified Communication Platform, systematized via Holistic Communications. The teleconferencing solution sizes up your conference with its virtual software. Let collaboration be the solution for your video conferencing.

Quality features of Zoom

Holistic communications pools up your business needs with Zoom. Its free along with the standard features is the perfect option for your meetings. You can conduct your one-on-one conference, the group meetings, standard up 50 participants and limitless meetings, all on the same platform, with quality video as well as audio.

The free platform from Zoom also tailors the plot for small panels, medium commerce as well large ventures with its astounding features. Zoom pro proffers all the requisite features such as unlimited meetings duration, user management, admin features control, meeting ID’s and many more.

The Zoom business holds out your phone support, managing the dashboard, concerting the URL, managing domains and several others. Moreover, Zoom Rooms are perfect for your collaboration, which venture video conferencing along with conference calls, while excluding the traditional cost.

Stay connected anytime via video meetings or conference calls

Zoom assist working from anywhere and anytime with its software i.e. virtual meeting. Whether at home, the coffee shop or your working place, you have the access with Zoom. You could hook up in the following ways:

  • Connect via Video conferencing
  • Find the solution with cloud based software i.e. Zoom Rooms
  • Connect through polycom room while in the office
  • The training services and webinars
  • Have your group chats and messaging
  • Impart high revolution documents, images, videos and many more
  • Virtual white-boarding for video conferencing

All these are quality boons, which also include mobile devices like Android and iOS. Zoom proffers screen share aptitude, which is unbeaten via any video conference and makes Zoom an excellent on-line meeting device for commerce. The smart technology connects in the following ways:

  • Share your iPhone screen counting images, websites along with the cloud based gist via sources that include Drop-box, the Google drive and the Box.
  • With the features of iPhone Zoom iPad allocates to co-annotate as well proffer remote controlling of your shared screen
  • Android offers the sharing of photos as well web contents via your mobile.

In case of visual conference from realm like Philippines, China, Taiwan, Australia, India and countries athwart Asia, Zoom proffers to be the station for you.

Hardware needs

Zoom bestows the premium quality software. HD video plus audio with focused screen shares via Mac, Linux and the Windows along with mobile tools you will always experience the quality. In addition to these video conferencing, one needs to have hardware complementing the software. When you talk about high quality video-conferencing hardware you ought to stop at Logitech. They acquire the best market products, which work perfectly with the quality cloud web-conference software of Zoom. Logitech matches up with your needs from meetings to working at home. Its products include Logitech Group (Large meeting as well conferencing room), NUC (video conferencing on large scale), Connect (small conferences as well huddle room) and Webcams (home or remote location workings).

Small Ventures, the enterprises and corporations

Holistic Communications proffers virtual collaboration of classrooms, training rooms, meeting rooms, huddle rooms, lecturing rooms and many more with video conferencing. No matter whether your business size is large or small, Zoom accounts your commerce needs flexibly and with ease.

Get your access to the virtual meeting devices, which include:

  • Video conference with Tele-presence
  • Specialists of the boardroom AV
  • Whiteboards which are interactive at the same time electronic
  • A secured messaging technique
  • Video recording – MP4 as well M4A
  • The hand raise allowing the collaboration without interruptions
  • Linux, Mac and Windows computers along with mobile devices screen shares

Software excellence

Zoom provides every software solution in a pack as per your requirement and lets you schedule your platform, works, meetings and more. The Zoom app leverages your private as well group messaging along with conferencing room solutions as well webinar capabilities. With the compliance software of Zoom, one does not need to option others; it ensures the absolute teleconferencing solution. Besides offering multifarious features, Zoom plans up the business needs as well.  It invites you to collaborate anywhere with Zoom which and connects with others anytime. Logitech the high superiority hardware assists the connection to the clients together in sync with Zoom. The collaboration of Zoom and Logitech with Holistic Communications hence makes up for a perfect choice for the needful clients.


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