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Can you use your old video conference room hardware and equipment with your new unified communications system?

Technology is forever changing and growing. To upgrade existing video conference room hardware and equipment, you could spend a large amount of money. With Zoom video meetings software, it is possible to use it with your existing hardware and equipment. This along with all that the Zoom room conferencing software offers, it allows for you to host online business meetings and online webinars without having to spend all the money to upgrade.

Using new UC systems with old video conference equipment

Technology can change often sometimes making it difficult or not cost effective for businesses to upgrade their equipment. So occasionally they will make do with what they have. However, with Zoom, as long as your current laptop, computer, or mobile device can link to the old equipment, then you are all set to use the Zoom service. With your own computer, laptop, or mobile device, you can screen share, utilize instant messaging, and host business webinars. You can also use Android and Apple, among many other mobile or computer devices. You also do not need to upgrade equipment in any of your other offices. An example of this would be for companies that have more than one location. You do not need to upgrade any hardware or software and using the Zoom program you can still get great, smooth meetings.

If you do need to update any of your equipment, you can purchase Logitech equipment to help with your virtual meeting needs. The best value and price at an all in one cheapest total cost of ownership. No matter if you are a small business, corporate or enterprise, we can help you deck out all your rooms and help integrate your old systems.

The best Ease of use for video room conferencing and meeting rooms

Not only do you not need to buy new hardware or equipment, the Zoom applications itself is easy to use. File sharing or instant messenger are user friendly and the tools are easy to find. You will want to be able to screen share or host a webinar smoothly. With Zoom room conference app all of this is possible, with many more options including remote control of the room by IT. You can still record meetings to the cloud or point to a server, make use of virtual whiteboard, review minutes of the web meetings and can download the shared material. Having all of these tools at your disposal makes Zoom the best program on the market.

Competitive prices, we suggest you compare and ask us about business & enterprise options

Now that you know you can use Zoom without upgrading your hardware or equipment, you can now look at the cost of using the program. The basic tier of the program offers free meetings. This is great for one or two meetings. However, most businesses hold several meetings a day. So Zoom software defined communications platform offers some of the best and comparable prices on the market. Here are some of the best options you can get with a small monthly fee:

  • Online business meetings
  • Web conferencing from any device
  • Video conferencing for room based meetings
  • Virtual meetings for work from any office, home office or client locations
  • Screen sharing and mobile screen share
  • File sharing and integration to file storage systems
  • Zoom rooms including H.323/SIP connectors
  • Webinars for sales, promotions, training and townhalls
  • Web conference calls including free audio dial in conferencing
  • Instant messaging and group chat and cross platform messaging
  • Collaboration tools for all of you staff

There are many other tools and solution options that this program provides. Zoom video conferencing software is a great program with all the quality and apps needed to hold the best conferences every-time, that provides excellent and cost effective ways to host online business meetings. With the most competitive prices that can beat out gotomeeting, webex, joinme, microsoft skype for business, Cisco jabber and many others in the market especially for user costs, audio, total cost of ownership, IT management and more. You will also save money due to not having to upgrade your equipment or hardware. I have been using all these solution over my career and i still have not found anything better for quality and price than Zoom meetings applications.

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