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How to Run a Room Based Video Conference with Zoom

Whether you are a small business, large corporation, or a non-profit organisation, virtual meetings are becoming more of a necessity in order to be productive and conduct daily business. There are a number of companies, on legacy platforms, which offer a variety of different services to cater to specific needs for an organisation to hold business virtual meetings. Some of these companies offer online conference software with at a price not feasible for many businesses to use the features most beneficial to them. However, with Zoom video conferencing, online meetings and instant messaging you do not have to compromise between choosing the features you need in exchange for affordability. You get it all in the one web cloud or hybrid systems depending on your needs.

How Does Video Conferencing Work?

Through the use of video conferencing software and hardware like the Logitech group range of equipment, especially the new 4k desktop camera’s, multiple parties are able to participate from more than one location at a time in a video conversation, allowing them to collaborate on a project. Online video conferences may consist of two people communicating with one another, from one point to another, over a video chat. When more than two people need to collaborate together on a project, a multipoint web video conference traversing the internet or internal networks allows multiple people from different locations to communicate with one another over a video. Some choose to use a video or screen share streaming service to view a video conference, or to reference a videomeeting  at a later time from a remote location.

Zoom video cloud meeting system allows meeting participants to join in a video conference through a variety of ways, allowing for individuals to participate in any of the three ways mentioned, including:

  • Traditional telephone dial-in access, free dial in included
  • Desktop applications for desktops or laptops
  • Web login access, for secure networks
  • Mobile access through an app on either a smartphone or tablet,
  • View-only, when making a presentation not requiring collaboration from other participants, and
  • 323/SIP room based video conferencing

What is a Zoom Room Based Video Conference?

Zoom offers a variety of software-based video conferencing for every room in your organisation. If looking to use Zoom in a conference room, Zoom can support up to three different screens to show any screen content sharing, the speaker, and the participants. If a smaller space meets your business needs, Zoom can be used to enable a smaller work room with video for in room and remote collaboration between individuals. On the other hand, if you need to do companywide training, with employees in different locations, multiple cameras and screens can allow employees in a remote location to participate in the same training as colleagues in a central location.

How to Easily Set-Up Your Zoom Room

The Zoom video conferencing software is easy to install and begin using for your video conferences. In most cases, companies are able to easily set up a Zoom Room themselves by following three easy steps. The first step in setting up your Zoom Room, is to configure your Zoom Room software settings to meet your specific needs. You do this by:

  • Purchase the software subscription that meets your company’s needs.
  • Sign into your Zoom account.
  • Under the “Zoom Rooms” tab, add a Zoom Room to your account.
  • After adding the room, configure your setting preferences to best suit your video conferencing set up or room size.

The second step in setting up your Zoom Room is to setup your hardware you plan on using to hold your meetings.

  • Set up any additional monitors and screens you need for your computer.
  • Set up your camera and check the angle of the picture to ensure it is capturing the correct viewing area.
  • Set up the microphone to pick up the participants’ when speaking to one another.
  • Set up the speakers so all participants in the room can hear and engage.
  • Connect any mobile devices, like Android tablets or iPads to the network.

The third step is to make sure all devices have the proper software installed.

  • Zoom Room conferencing software is compatible with Mac and Windows computers.
  • The Zoom Room video App is compatible with an iPad or Android based mobile devices.

For those companies that need additional assistance in setting up a video conference Zoom Room, professional services are available to help companies to make decisions about what hardware needs they may have, how to configure hardware for any room or huddle rooms to best meet the company’s needs, and assistance in set-up to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Additional options for remote or onsite assistance is also available if the need arises to maximise the deployment and make sure seamless adoption through correct implementation.

A Zoom virtual meeting versus Other Virtual Meeting Options

Many business-class and free web-based communication services offer poor quality videos and minimal features, making it nearly impossible to collaborate effectively with other meeting participants. Unlike other companies who do offer high quality services, they are usually not compatible with multiple platforms, Zoom saas conferencing though is able to be used with a Mac or Windows computer, as well as on Android or Apple iOs mobile devices. Meeting participants are able to share information from all of these types of devices at one time, making it easier to collaborate and get work done more efficiently.

Zoom web video conferencing also allows each meeting to be documented for easy reference later. Meetings can be recorded and saved to share with participants who were not able to attend to view at a later date. Or the video can be streamed to share and viewed by multiple people, including individuals outside of the company. Notes of any meeting chats and annotations are also able to be saved locally on the computer, on company servers, or in the “cloud” to be referenced later or for distributing to others later. When recording a meeting, when the screen sharing feature or a PowerPoint presentation is used during the meeting, it is also easily saved and referenced later.

The Zoom Unified Communications Platform also helps to ensure any work done is secure. Other video conferencing services do not always offer the ability to keep information safe. Zoom uses SSR encryption to help ensure any information remains confidential. Because Zoom is also compatible with mobile devices, added protection is available for these devices as well, helping to ensure when employees are travelling or work from a remote location, everything remains confidential.

If your company is looking for a way to stay connected, Zoom Room offers businesses the ability to have business virtual conferences, which are able to be tailored to any size work space. Whether being set up in a conference room, work meeting rooms, a larger group forum, a small business or space huddle room or by single employees from a remote location, participants are able to collaborate effectively with one another, without having to sacrifice quality for the sake of affordability. The Holistic Communications team is available to discuss options for helping ensure your team is able to stay connected, for every web meeting and video conference no matter where they are working.

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