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Video conferencing is integral in helping businesses communicate and collaborate with their employees, partners and clients from all corners of the world. Traditional or legacy systems have always been expensive, utilized proprietary codecs and solutions to lock you in one technology direction. As the market changes you are not able to change and take advantage of new video meeting solutions like in the cloud or SaaS or hybrid models with built in redundancy. Having a high quality video conferencing system in place is a prerequisite for getting business done on the go from mobiles, tablets and laptops. How effectively you communicate and negotiate with your business associates can become the deciding factor for influencing their decisions. Video conferencing helps reduce travel costs and keeps you in touch with your workforce from any location, during any given time including inviting h.323 / SIP video conference rooms into your meetings. However, it is important that you have a video conferencing solution that gives the best quality at the lowest cost. Holistic provides advanced, feature packed video conferencing solutions for businesses at highly competitive rates, reducing client cost up to and over 70%. And being the first ever software defined video conferencing architecture almost all your old hardware solution can be adapted to our platform.

New Video and Mobility Built Conferencing Platform with Latest Codecs to Improve Collaboration and allow Participants to Focus on Their Tasks

Holistic brings a brand new, high quality video conference platform for global businesses to connect effortlessly to large groups of clients, partners and associates without any hassle for any virtual meeting on the web from any internet connection. Built with the new world in mind, where your meeting service provider or solution just works every time especially for voice, video and screen share are at the heart of Holistic’s Zoom meetings system. We understand there could be 100 participants on one online virtual meeting which all have different computers and different bandwidth availability. We bring a new meaning to quality video conferencing with the latest codecs that give the best voice with adaptive controls and video quality with high definition for immersive experience including bandwidth management. And performance across all platforms i.e. iOS, Android, Windows, Mac; mobile and desktop devices, video rooms, H.323 / SIP and Zoom rooms to connect everyone into your web meetings and conferences. Organizing an instant or scheduled meeting, adding and managing participants, recording conferences and webinars and sharing any type of files have never been easier than now. Holistic Rooms can suit the online meeting needs of any business effortlessly and has been designed with the user in mind, not the IT manager or technical Guru within your organisation. Experience true wireless sharing in all your video conferences, comprehensive centralized meeting management for IT via a real-time dashboard for analysis and live support and H.323/SIP interoperability, at the best available rates. Our video conferencing platform supports the latest codecs; H.264, H.239, H.235, and G.722 protocols and works with video endpoints from Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize, Tanberg etc. We ensure the best optimizations to help you the best professional online meeting and video conference experience and you can invite Microsoft Skype for Business users into your Holistic Zoom meetings. The first truly scalable and high quality option for online meetings from any internet connection.

Hardware Independent Architecture for Better Business Communication

Holistic’s software defined video conferencing (SDVC) means all your hardware decision are independent to the video solution which means you are not locked into expensive mono environments which cannot adapt or change to your needs.  By using a solution which is a SDVC system ensures that your interactions are always uninterrupted, regardless of how high the system requirements might be and with a managed solution it captures your DR strategy, Scalability and quality requirements all in aid of driving productivity and maintaining your organisations reputable branding. Our application monitors, manages real-time and manage resources based on network status, number of connections, bandwidth and elastic resource demands, for the best professional collaboration with your employees, partners and clients. No need to struggle anymore when it comes to low latency and best performance levels with any number of participants, in any bandwidth environment. We are the originators and innovators of MODERN video conferencing and online communication technology. Holistic’s Zoom video conferencing has redefined what is acceptable and what is required by end users or participants. Stop compromising on features and functionality to save money, get it all and for less money than you currently do today.

High Definition (HD) Video Conferencing with Latest Hardware at The Fraction Of The Cost

We are pleased to be a top partner of Logitech Group with their new video conferencing and in meetings hardware solutions. Logitech are about the be the #1 camera provider globally and at the best value. When you combine Logitech equipment with Holistic’s Zoom video conference rooms you can get savings up to 80%. Find out more NOW. The way businesses communicate has changed significantly due to the advent of mobile technology and has disrupted the work places forever. This also means you need security and where necessary data loss prevention. Organizations around the globe are moving fast to create and implement high-value BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategies for internal and external communication but wireless has challenge but not with our platform. Automatic bandwidth management, re-connection to meetings and the latest codes all provide the leading user experience which can’t be match. We dare you to try and prove us wrong. The need for high definition video conferencing and smart meeting solutions are at an all-time high. People want immersive and clear communications so they can see who is attentive, who is aligned and who is participating, just like one does in a real face to face meeting. Holistic brings advanced HD video conferencing technology to global businesses at remarkably low costs. Holistic provides advanced virtual meeting rooms, connectors, HD audio and video conferencing and webinar facilities that can accommodate up to Up to 100 video participants or 10000 view-only attendees all with the same user experience and when you combined revolutionary features like screen share with sound, your audience is absorbed not dysfunctional. Your participants can join in anytime from mobile, tablet, desktop, H.323/SIP room systems, telephone dial in, and Zoom Rooms. Experience features such as full screen and gallery view, dynamic voice detection with adaptive controls and dual streams and much more with all our packages, at the best available rates. Get rid of multiple systems or service providers and start reducing the cost of your video conferencing.

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