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When your company considers an upgrade from Google Hangouts or Skype to an advanced video conferencing system along with compatible software, it is decision making time for your Information Technology Department to figure out the capacity that your business is going to need and also how you are going to manage issues that you will face with such a complex investment in technology.

As there have been developments in digital technology, video conferencing has now become a popular form of virtual communication. It has allowed many business enterprises to enhance their communication tools and conduct virtual meetings without the need for face-to-face connections. Employees will have an exciting new way to communicate with each other. However, before you install these systems, you should be aware of the issues your virtual teams may face.

These are the issues that most business organisations may face when they employ video conferencing systems and their software

  • When you deploy video conferencing systems, you have to make sure that you are not creating extra work for your IT Department.
  • You have to maintain extra security and minimize complexities.
  • You will face problems of cultural barriers with virtual meetings. Culture differences have an impact on various aspects in our business world and they will also affect video conferencing software and their development. This is a major issue for members of virtual teams because of different cultural backgrounds.
  • Global virtual teams may face problems with cues that are non-verbal. To be coherent, non-verbal cues hold significance. It is possible that it may become an issue if none of the parties that are involved understand the non-verbal cues.
  • There may be an absence of trust between members of a virtual team. This may be the result of a failure in building formal relationships. It is not easy to build rapport.
  • Decision making processes may become tougher. This may be a result of a failure to express opinions or ideas on the virtual teams.
  • You will have to manage differences in time zones. This is a strong barrier for virtual teams as they can clash with schedules of video conferencing.
  • There will be compatibility issues. It is disconcerting when you are trying to communicate and an error that cannot be sourced is caused by the video conferencing software.

There are solutions to all the above issues that can help enhance the video conferencing experience. The support could come through quality software that offers great functionality across three widely used operating systems of Android, iOS and Windows. Cloud video conferencing is the answer that takes care of all these issues. Your business is growing and your offices may be springing up across the country and the globe. Employees would be seeking work schedules that are flexible and they would be demanding online meetings and privileges offered by telecommunication technology. Cloud solutions will make sure that your IT team has not been maxed out.

With the help of Cloud video conferencing, experts get to manage the video environment in the Cloud. Your on-site support team is not burdened. For the purpose of security, pass-codes should be used to secure your online meetings for one-time events, Call escalation will allow you either to accept or reject additional participants into a particular meeting.

Your IT Department can also help build rapport with the virtual teams by creating online profile directories so that they would familiarise themselves with their areas of expertise and how they fit into your business organisation.


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