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Highly prioritized Security and Rated as the best Video Conference Software by multiple online sources, Zoom has unequivocally cemented itself as the go-to Virtual Online Business Application.

Video and Online Conferencing has opened up a new world of possibilities to many private users, families, large corporations, blue chip companies, agricultural sectors, mining sectors, non-profit organizations and the like. Communication possibilities that would have once been deemed impossible, is now a reality thanks to Online Conference Software, Meeting Software and Collaboration Tools.

In this “Cyber Age,” Cyber Security, and more importantly, Security Enhancements are pivotal to protecting an Online Presence. Keeping up to date with the latest features, such as E2E Chat, Encryption, AES256 and Role-Based User Security, is essential.  Let’s take a closer look at these measures and their impacts:

E2E Chat Encryption or End 2 End Chat Encryption by Zoom – Ensures that only the intended recipient is able to read your message. This ensures that your conversations won’t be spied on.

AES256 or Advanced Encryption Standard 256 – Makes sure that the data cannot be read by any unintended devices. This alleviates eavesdropping of any sort. Hence communication through Zoom is more than secure for your business.

Role-Based User Security – Can be broken up into the following security capacities available to the Host of the Web Meeting:

  • Virtual Meeting schedules are secured with a password
  • Online Meetings are End To End (E2E) Encryption enabled
  • Video Conferencing can be started securely with a password
  • Secure User Log-in

These are just a few of the many measures taken in terms of Virtual Security, and already it is quite impressive.

Zoom continues to impress with HD Quality Virtual Meeting Video capabilities and an extensively wide range of Third-Party Software Integrations. With ‘Ease and Convenience of Use’, it becomes blatantly apparent why Zoom is ahead of its class.

High Definition Video Conferencing takes away the need to squint painfully at the screen if you end up being the unfortunate one to get a seat right at the back of the room. Zoom easily integrates 5x Digital Zoom, so that you too, can also be seen, ‘hiding at the back of the class.’

What a vast range of Third-Party Software Integrations exactly means for you?

Well in a nutshell it offers you freedom, in the sense that it greatly expands the scope and reaches of the service, which in turn gives you a more customizable experience.

Another great feature that I feel is worth mentioning is Zooms’ ‘Ease and Convenience of Use.’ How convenient does the ability to join an Online Meeting from your Mobile Application sound? Extremely, I would imagine the ability to attend a Virtual Meeting from virtually anywhere. This is what Zoom offers you, more freedom, better integration, more time to get done what is important.

Of course there are a number of Web conferencing service providers to choose from, but in terms of Security, Quality and Online Virtual Presence (among other considerations), Zoom takes the lead.

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