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An MCU or Multi-Point Control Unit acts like a bridge or a connection for online video conferencing software systems or a system of connections. Most web-based video meeting or conferencing software connections or systems can only make calls that connect end to end calls or can connect only to one other video conferencing system at any given time. Using a Multi-Point Control Unit, or MCU, it makes your video conferencing software solution multi-dimensional and able to connect to multiple online video conferencing systems all at the same time during the exact same call. Zoom, powered by Holistic Communications, allows you to choose to integrate your MCU into your video conferencing software solution as part of your hardware package or you can have a cloud or virtual video meeting room for all your business meeting needs.

MCU Functionality

Behind the scenes the MCU is actually taking care of a lot of things on its own to leave you to run your business and your virtual meetings. The MCU takes care of:

  • Tying together point to point video and audio hardware and software users differing
    • Resolutions
    • Codecs
    • Frame rates
    • Media stream normalizations
    • Overall translation and transcoding of all connection strings
  • Composition of streaming video from all connection strings
  • Client call support and call signaling
  • Recording services, call dialing, authentication services and reminders
  • Audio equalizer, noise filtration, echo reducer and noise cancellation

The MCU is handling many other functions and elements of each of the multiple connections strings of the video meetings as they are streaming online as you can see. The audio and video quality is handled directly through this device while being throttled through it as well giving as much bandwidth as possible for as many users and connections for the best possible video and audio quality at any given time.

Location is Important

Holistic Communications and Zoom Meetings knows that proper deployment and location of the MCU is crucial for future scalability and the number of connected web based video conferences allowed on one call so making sure that the hardware and software placement is near the WAN is of the utmost importance. Bandwidth is critical for the most users, quality of calls, audio and video resolution, signal strength and media strength and call quality. The WAN or the core is the most important aspect to consider when placing the MCU for bandwidth and video conferencing deployment efforts for any business. Zoom Meetings by Holistic Communications understands what it takes to give your business the upper hand when it comes to powering your next video conferencing adventure and our professional technicians will install your MCU to give you the most bandwidth and greatest options for all your users. Get your free consultation with Holistic Communications and start generating more than one virtual web meeting with all your potential business partners today with a new MCU for your Zoom Meetings virtual video conferencing software solutions!


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