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UDP and TCP are the protocols which are used to send little tiny data bits. These bits are also called “date packets” and these “packets” build on top of IP where IP stands for Internet Protocol. Whether you send data via a TCP packet or a UDP packet it will be sent to internet protocol address (IP Address) or in other words both of these packets of data are treated very similar and are sent through a router and to their destination in pretty much the same fashion. TCP protocol means Transmission Control Protocol and it is the most widely used protocol on the internet today. Any web page you open today uses TCP data packets and they are a two-way data highway sending and receiving data throughout the internet. The one thing that the TCP packet does that most other protocols throughout the internet do not is error checking to reduce corrupted files and web pages. UDP data packets or protocols mean User Datagram Protocol and as previously stated does not perform the error checks because the error checking slows down the back and forth of sending and receiving data transmission. The UDP data packet simply sends the data and does not wait for a reply from the receiver.

It seems that the TCP back and forth data transmission is best

With video conferencing software solutions it seems that the use of TCP protocols slowed down version of back and forth data transmissions where the data packet is sent, the receiver sends back that it received the data and all is good and the sender acknowledges it understands this is best for video conferencing buffering and sending of images, spreadsheets, documents, web pages, high end graphics, and making sure that the HD video and audio is crystal clear is more important than speed. TCP protocol packets have a built in short of feedback system to make sure that all the data was received and sent back exactly as it was intended. However, over saturation of this data transmission protocol slows everything down and causes over congestion and uses a much larger bandwidth percentage that you may not have to use if you capitalize on your UDP data packets.

UDP is still an unappreciated means of handling video calls during online conferences because most people don’t understand that it is perfectly capable of handling and delivering thirty fames of video and drastically more per second of excellent live action video. What is so outstanding about using the UDP protocol data packet is that this motion video capture is so fast you don’t need the retransmission data anyway so forget that it won’t or doesn’t allow you to retransmit anything, you don’t need it to! TCP is too slow to recover missing data in live video conferencing but UDP can handle the blink of an eye recovery needed in this case.

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