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As we all know there is a huge difference between those cute little video clips we watch of par-core on the internet and the live web conferences we watch at our desks in the office, right? The video clips are streaming and are downloaded as smaller portions in advance to make up for any unforeseen network instabilities that may be inherent in the playback of said video. With office and web meetings and video conferences these videos are a consistently streaming packet of data in live or “real time”. This is being broadcast and transmitted directly through cables, satellites, or however your internet network connection is being handled so it is extremely important that your business makes sure to optimize its bandwidth to handle and plan for the appropriate amounts of bandwidth. For this exact example so there isn’t large amounts of lag and buffering going on during your live online conferences and glitches during your most important sales pitches to your overseas potential business partner. This is all managed real-time by the zoom platform, which gives the best data flow to every participant individually to make sure each person has the best experience. This combine to the codecs used and the way the data is streamed separately for each medium, means voice is prioritised to make sure all can hear and talk atr all times. With Zoom meetings conf, there is real time IT dashboarding for monitoring packet loss, jitter, latency and all user information in every type of meeting. This enables you to assess and fix issues previously not possible in real time. You can also go back to any historical meeting and review this information for diagnosis later. It is fantastic that the data packets even being lossed the solution will self-manage and and handle dramatic loss , yet to the participants they will not know.

What you should be looking for

If you are an averaged sized business and use online video conferencing software often then you should account for, on average, one hundred users sharing one internet, making about five to six calls and account for at least five percent concurrent bandwidth overhead utilization overall and another ten percent more bandwidth overhead if your business uses web meetings and conferencing significantly more often to generate more room for call signaling and buffering strength overall. You also need to consider each call made which will require at least 2Mbps up and down per call of bandwidth because each side will be receiving and sending data during the live feed of video and audio. These are the minimum requirements for optimizing your bandwidth for your business that will give you the best chance at good quality web based video conferencing software solutions.

Zoom offers great hardware video conferencing solutions for small, medium and large businesses deployed by Holistic Communications so get your free consultation today. They offer high quality products by Logitech Group at affordable prices and have extremely professional and highly skilled technicians who will come to your business and set everything up for you to give you peace of mind everything is right from the very start. Customer service is available twenty four seven and tech support is there whenever and where ever needed. Zoom and Holistic Communications also have bandwidth experts to help if you’re not quite sure on how best to optimize our business to get the best out of your online video conferencing software solution to best suit your business and your customer’s needs. You will never be left on your own with Zoom web meetings and as a matter of fact Zoom was built with innovation and team collaboration in mind so look toward the future and reach for stars. Zoom web meetings and video conferencing software solutions was built to take your business to the next level, we promise. If you need to know more about Qos (quality of service) or other bandwidth requirements, drop us an email or give us a call.

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