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Audio Visual (AV) Quality or Quantity? You No Longer Have To Choose!

There is a common phrase that says “quality or quantity”. Why do you have to choose? Well, with Zoom Unified Communication Platform deployed by Holistic Communications, you don’t have to pick. Our state-of-the-art video conferencing for business has the best audio and video quality on the market. This does not mean we limit the features. Unlike other products on the market, Zoom meetings gives you the freedom to communicate with quality without sacrifice as it is also the best value and price. You can see AND hear the difference. Once you do, you will know why Holistic Communications deployment of Zoom meetings stands above the rest. Keep reading to learn more about the superior quality of our product along with the many additional Zoom features you receive.

With Zoom video conference and meeting platform as your backbone you can use your old and new equipment to manage the transition in a more sustainable and cost effective way. Although we recommend Logitech as our backbone hardware, you can still choose the most appropriate technology for your organisation. Zoom rooms video conferencing can be used for all room sizes – choose small, medium and/or large conference rooms. With the majority of Universities now using Zoom, we can show you how to improve your current system.

Audio Visual solutions for all room sizes and venues

Holistic Communications deployment of Zoom meetings can handle the requirements of any video project and our team’s and partner’s expertise is relied on and proven. We provide room based solutions, AV design, hardware and equipment and installation services for:

  • ·       Video Conferencing and Telepresence
  • ·       Boardroom AV specialists
  • ·       Class Rooms
  • ·       Huddle rooms
  • ·       Training Rooms
  • ·       Lecture Theatres
  • ·       Meeting rooms
  • ·       Education and Universities
  • ·       Public and Private Schools
  • ·       NGO and Houses of Worship
  • ·       Interactive and Electronic Whiteboards
  • ·       Healthcare practices, hospitals
  • ·       Court Rooms and public services
  • ·       Public Display Areas

Our team can assist you with all scenarios and client needs for:

  • ·       Video conferencing integration specialists
  • ·       Tailoring a solution for your specific requirements
  • ·       Full integration with AV control systems
  • ·       Multi-point and content delivery (contect to multiple storage point including previous recordings)
  • ·       End point management
  • ·       Telepresence solutions
  • ·       Customised projects to large meeting room implementations

Quality video meetings system for small, medium and large enterprises

Zoom is the teleconferencing solution that allows you to communicate with your team members without compromising quality. The quality is apparent just by opening the easy-to-navigate meeting platform. Zoom video SaaS spent the time designing the platform with quality in mind. We think your communication tool shouldn’t be your barrier to effective communication. With Zoom’s ease of use, and best in class standard communicating with team members becomes a breeze so you can spend more time working and less time trying to figure out the technology. Zoom Rooms for video conferences allow you to:

  •       have up to 3 screens,
  •       have touch screen where needed,
  •       incorporate dual microphones and
  •       Incorporate dual cameras

delivering the best room based video meetings.

When conducting a web conference, you won’t have to worry about your message not coming across clearly. Zoom features both HD video (using the latest codecs with built in jitter and packet management) and HD audio (with built in dampening or amplification) so you should be heard AND seen loud and clear. Zoom is the fastest growing online cloud/SaaS provider globally. No wonder 500,000+ companies love Zoom. This web conference system also features voice detection regardless of the system you are using so there is no mistaking who is talking, from either VoiP or dial-in or dial-out audio. Zoom virtual conferencing comes equipped with high definition screen share technology so you never lose out not being with the team. In fact, one customer noted the high quality of video helped them save over $500,000 in travel expenses just in the first month of using Zoom. That customer is not alone. Many customers report the quality Zoom provides led to a major cost savings. With all of the benefits of quality video conferencing, it is no wonder Zoom is the best online meeting tool on the market.

Quality in Conference and Meetings Options

For some products, you have to meet very specific requirements to have the quality you desire. With Holistic Communications and Zoom web meetings, there is quality in all options. While utilising Zoom cloud video conferencing, you have the freedom to connect wherever you go without sacrifice. Attendees can access the video conference through Zoom Rooms video conferencing; the company’s personal website login; view-only mode, great for webinars and syndicated video including Youtube live; H.323/SIP polycom room systems compatibility (is compatible with almost all video meeting hardware) for when you can get a group together to talk through things; or free telephone dial-in from over 65 countries. In fact, Zoom is proven the best quality for virtual meetings in Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Philippines, Japan as well as any country in Asia.

The quality is also not limited by how you connect, either. You can utilise the entire unified communication platform on both computers and smartphones, and Zoom video conferencing is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android operating systems. You can share documents, photos, video clips and more right from your smartphone. The screen share feature is not limited to computers, but both iOS and Android (just released) as well! This revolutionary feature can’t be found anywhere else. Now no one has to miss out on the meeting because they had to travel. Zoom lets you keep and stay in touch no matter where you are.

Don’t have a scheduled meeting but need to talk? No problem! Zoom doesn’t require you to have a meeting already planned. There is always room in Zoom Rooms for you and we are happy to help you meet your needs. Want to plan something out? Zoom makes it simple by working with both Google Chrome and Microsoft Outlook plugins so you can easily schedule meetings and make sure they do not conflict with anyone’s schedule.

Web Conference Tool Additional Features

Zoom web conferencing system is a comprehensive online collaboration tool. While the majority of users rely most on the web conferencing feature, there are many more features worth noting in the unified communication platform. There are so many ways to stay in touch. Not only can you video chat, Zoom has a built in messaging system which allows you to communicate on work-related topics all in one platform.

Want to make sure your voice is heard? Well, with the voice detection software built into the system, it will! There is also a “hand raise” feature so you can collaborate while still minding your manners and not interrupting others.

Think you missed something? There are features for that too! Zoom has the ability to create MP4 recordings of videos and shared content. Competitors require you to use additional software to do this, but Zoom lets you do it right in the same system. This will save you time and hassle. If you would rather not watch the meeting again, there is another option too. Zoom offers both annotation and co-annotation. That way, you won’t miss a thing and can get everything checked off your list.

Just as in a face-to-face meeting, meetings are more than just a voice. There are handouts and Power point presentations and brainstorming sessions on the whiteboard. That’s why we integrated the ability to share these things in Zoom. Users have the ability to share documents, Power points, applications and video and whiteboard ideas with a group. At Holistic Communications, we want to be your complete business teleconferencing solution and provide you with the best experience in web online meetings.

Quality is more than just sights and sounds. Quality is a high level comprehensive product and that is just what Zoom Unified Communication Platform deployed by Holistic Communications is. If you or anyone in your team is looking for the best online meeting tool with the highest quality audio, web and video communications on the market, ask our team today how to get started. Then you will have the best business video meetings which will help your business grow.

Designing your workplace for all requirements for video conferences and online virtual meetings

If you need help in designing and implementing workplace video meeting and conferencing systems, then we specialise in designing and delivering software and hardware solutions for:

  • •        workplace technology for all purposes
  • •        the highest quality collaborative meeting spaces
    • (eg. boardroom conferencing, video and audio conference set ups, meetings, huddle spaces & training rooms)
  • •        learning environments and innovative teaching delivery methods
  • •        communication, collaborative and immersive spaces
    • (eg. room based video conferencing, huddle rooms using Logitech connect for immersive video and audio)
  • •        online Webinars or media distribution – Broadcast a webinar and integrate to YouTube for unlimited audience participation
  • •        Zoom meetings rooms can have touch screens, one touch control, in perimeter meeting engagement and interactive systems
  • •        conference rooms sound and audio vision systems
  • •        broadcast option for up to 10,000 or integration to YouTube for unlimited

The best hardware and equipment for your next Board and Conference Room.

Holistic can cater for small or large rooms from simple projection & presentation facilities to full enterprise high definition integrated Video Conferencing solutions.

Hardware and equipment for video meeting and conference rooms you could require:

  •        Video cameras like the Logitech group PTZ range for High definition
  •        Plasma Screens / LCD Screens / touch screen monitors / Video Monitors
  •        Video conferencing systems including Logitech new NUC’s
  •        Touch Panel Control / Automation / iPads for controls
  •        Audio Speaker Systems, Microphone and Lectern Systems
  •        Motorised Screen, drop down screens and Controlled Blinds

If you have any questions about how to set up a successful software defined architecture and what hardware should go with your design, then reach out to our team of professionals today.

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