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When you are in the financial industry, such as private investment firms, institutional banking, venture capitalists, financial services industry and other banking and investing services, security and protection are crucial when considering a sound communications solution platform. Over the next several years the banking industry globally is expected to grow exponentially to over $160 billion. In order to deliver services to their customers in the banking industry including such segments as retail banking, investment banking, corporate banking, wealth and asset management, the insurance industry, governmental banking enterprises and much more the need for secure yet versatile video meeting applications and room based video conferencing will drive customer services to provide needed advice and consultative engagements to deals, sell services like software and online solutions, provide banking products like loans, lines of credit to all clients no matter where they might be. All of these different banking and financial sectors of business require significant security and asset management to include a substantial communications solution for virtual conferences to handle all business to business and business to client interactions without any unwarranted or unforeseen problems. The ability to record meetings, seamlessly invite external client to your meetings and the ability to share document real-time is crucial in getting things done quickly and accurately.

Different World Today

Living in today’s world means learning to navigate in a digital landscape which requires us to be able to access all of our financial business online. All of our stock market programs, our banking profiles and apps and even our personal business and financial planners are accessed online today. High net worth customers do not want to leave their holidays or waste a day to visit their financial advisor when they can be remotely contacted and brought into meetings as and when needed whilst getting the exact same outcome. I know this from surveys done by one client who checked with their client before providing the services to them, and it was overwhelmingly a YES we would use and want video conferencing and virtual meeting application to meet over, and most were already using such video conferencing services at home for other purposes.

Using Holistic Communications Zoom Rooms offering which is also an excellent video meeting solutions with Secure Socket Layer AES 256 Bit encryption with HTTPS access you will have peace of mind that everything is secure at all times. We at Holistic Communications leave nothing to chance and will make sure that all your personal data is secure and safe at all times while you have full access to group collaboration on all different operating systems from iOS, Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, Android and even Linux. You have full control of who joins, when, where and how they join with HD video and audio dual streaming with dual screens and dynamic voice detection services. You also have annotation and co-annotation ability along with keyboard and mouse controls and whiteboard abilities as well. Simplicity and ease of use will drive adoption and the benefits to you organization no matter how big or small.

Today’s Consumer Behaviors

The banking industry has changed rapidly from a few years ago and continues to change on a daily basis. All sectors from investing, corporate banking to retail banking, each separate sector needs to keep up with the demand of the consumer in regards to technological demands. Consumers require online presence of their financial portfolios today and they also require customer service and employee integration and feedback as well. A great business to business tool is Zoom video conferencing which Holistic Communications deploy with extreme integration of high HD quality video and audio to bring both clients and employee together for the best collaborations, webinar software and communication experiences. I is common to see the front line staff as the first lines of business to get such services, as many back office staff do not need to communicate with client nor do you want them to have to much ability to share information, unless otherwise permitted.

Zoom online web conferences also has a great chat experience for customer chat on your banking websites for customer support problems or banking questions that will fill a great need for an excellent business to client experience. Invite client ot use the app and you can have cross border chats with clients anytime and service clients the way they need to be. Video conferencing is taking the banking and financial sector to a whole new level and Zoom by Holistic Communications brings a unified communications solutions strategy with extreme security, professionalism and a no hassle twenty four hour customer support business model to make it even easier for you and your business. Get your free trial of Zoom today.

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