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Video Conferencing is Good for Business Big and Small

Whether your business is just starting out as a side project or you are a large enterprise, getting the most bangs for your buck is important. You want to use tools for success that help propel your business forward without costing your entire budget. With Zoom video, Unified Communication Platform, deployed by Holistic Communication, you never should lose touch with your team members or clients and many of its features are free to use. Everything is stored in the cloud so you get the job done wherever you are, saving you money on travel and giving you the freedom to get the job done right. There are hybrid configurations if applicable to your requirement or on network design needs. Video conferencing has never been easier with Zoom application and meeting system; that is why it is your total teleconferencing solution.

Quality at the Right Price

Your business and customers deserve the best quality. And that’s just what you get with our communication platform. You receive the best quality audio, video and web communications available for your online meetings including:

  • HD audio and HD video
  • Voice detection software, no matter how you join the meeting
  • High definition screen share compatible with computer as well as iOS and Android smartphones, perfect for sharing documents, PowerPoint presentations, video clips, photos and more
  • Annotation and co-annotation of meetings stored within the cloud
  • MP4 and MPA recordings of video conferences and shared content
  • Whiteboarding to share with your team
  • High quality mobile application for Apple and Android smartphones

With Zoom, your team and clients will be able to hear and see you loud and clear. Text can be so easy to misinterpret. With web conferencing, you can look the person in the face and understand the message, even if they are on the other side of the world. The quality of Zoom is proven. That is why over 550,000 customers swear by Zoom to get the job done. If you are connecting from New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Philippines, India, Japan or any country in Asia, you are receiving the best quality available for your web virtual meeting.

High quality video conferences not only make getting the job done easier, it can also help your business save on travel expenses. One customer credits the quality of the Zoom Unified Communication Platform for helping them save over $500,000 in travel just in the first month alone. By saving money on travel, you can invest in your business elsewhere. And you don’t have to sacrifice good communication to save on travel. You can hold high-quality video conferences anywhere with Zoom.

Big Potential with a Little Cost

One of the great things about Zoom, deployed by Holistic Communications, is we believe communication shouldn’t have any barriers. That is why many of our features are free to our customers. No business should be without a high-quality, reliable way to stay in touch. No other video conference company offers as many features as we do. And if they do include some of the features, they charge extra. We want to partner with you to move your business forward. That’s why you get these high-quality internet web conferencing tools at no cost:

  • Desktop and application sharing – Screen share works for both computers and smartphones so you may share content and video with other video conference participants.
  • Meeting Ids – Help your meeting attendees find your private online meeting room with an easily identifiable meeting ID numbers.
  • Flexible scheduling – Whether you have a weekly check-in meeting or need to have a quick video chat, while using Zoom you can have a meeting whenever you want. You don’t need to schedule meetings in advance.
  • Chrome and Microsoft Outlook plug ins – Zoom provides plugins so you have one less thing to worry about integrating.
  • MP4 and MPA recordings – Zoom permits you to record your meetings and store them in our cloud-based software to be viewed later. It saves you from having to download additional software and keeps everything together in one place.
  • Messaging – Zoom has been designed to send secure messages to an individual or a group within the No matter how you discuss your business, you can do it all right within the unified communications platform. No more going through your email, documents and notes trying to find what you are look for. With Zoom, whatever you need can be done in one simple-to-use platform.
  • Host controls – Zoom gives you the control. With privacy settings and the ability to personalize the application, you are in charge.
  • Raise hand – When working in a group, many people may be trying to talk at once. You can still hold a respectful meeting with video conferencing with Zoom’s “raise hand” feature. You can politely contribute without interrupting other meeting attendees.


In addition to all of Zoom’s free web conferencing tools, the free version of the software gives you even more features that are great for personal meetings or businesses just starting out:

  • Unlimited one-on-one meetings
  • Group meetings (40 minutes maximum)
  • Up to 50 participants
  • Unlimited number of meetings
  • Video conferencing features such a HD video; HD audio; active speaker, full screen and gallery view; free telephone dial-in
  • The many web conferencing tools listed above
  • Group collaboration features including video breakout rooms; Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android compatibility; group messaging; screen share from any iOS app; co-annotation on shared screens; keyboard and mouse controls; virtual whiteboards; multi-share
  • Advanced security features

For medium sized businesses and large enterprises, you can pay a reasonable fee to get even more features including:

  • Unlimited meeting duration regardless of size
  • User management
  • Option to add more than 50 participants
  • Admin feature controls
  • Reporting
  • Custom meeting ID
  • 1GB of cloud-based recording of video and content, with the option for additional storage
  • Option to join by Zoom Rooms and H.323/SIP room systems as well as free telephone dial-in
  • Vanity URL
  • Managed domains
  • Company branding
  • LTI integrate
  • Skype/Skype for Business interoperability, consequently you can work with people not using the Zoom platform

Because you can personalize this communication platform to fit your business’s needs, you never have to worry about paying for a service you do not want or need.

Working with You

Holistic Communications designed Zoom to be perfect for any business, whether everyone works at a desk or your team is constantly on the go. It is the best web cloud software for your diverse business and Zoom’s diverse meeting features and enterprise controls allow you to connect to web video conferences in whatever way works best for you. From virtual or physical conference rooms to desktops and mobile devices.

Our mobile application for Android and iOS devices gives you ability to travel while still having full access to online meetings. And with its revolutionary screen share capabilities, Zoom stands above its competitors. With each smart technology, you get tools for success:

  • iPhone – Share your screen through Zoom meetings, including photos, websites and cloud-based content from sources like Box, Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Android – Share your photos and web content when you’re on the road.
  • iPad – Along with the features for the iPhone, the Zoom iPad app allows you to co-annotate and give remote control of your screen sharing.

The voice-to-text feature on your smartphones also enables you to send messages through Zoom’s secure messaging system, hence you get work done even when you should be hands free.

You can also connect to meetings in different ways, regarding on what kind of technology you have available or your meeting’s needs. Some different ways to connect to virtual meetings include:

  • Zoom Rooms video conferencing software on your computer or Android or iOS powered smartphone
  • View-only mode is exceptional for trainings and webinars with capabilities to broad live on YouTube
  • Your pre-existing polycom room system or other H.323/SIP room system
  • Free dial-in telephone calls from 65+ countries. If you are video conferencing, Zoom’s quality is proven and it is the best available in New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, China, Singapore, India, Japan, Philippines and any other country in Asia

Holistic Communications also offers extensions to any package allowing you to hold large webinars, upgrade your audio even more and add additional cloud storage for your meeting recordings. You can also connect any H.323/SIP conference room system to the cloud allowing you full access to Zoom’s great features. No matter the size of your business or the purpose of your meetings, video conferencing feature of Zoom can take your virtual meeting to the next level. We offer solutions, equipment and all types of required hardware for:

  • Telepresence / Videoconferencing
  • Houses of worship / NGO
  • Meeting rooms
  • Huddle rooms
  • Public services / Court rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Lecture theatres
  • Private / public schools
  • Hospitals & healthcare providers
  • Training rooms
  • Education (universities and colleges)
  • Interactive and electronic whiteboards
  • Public display areas
  • Boardroom AV specialists

No matter the product or service your business provides, you never have to lose touch with your team to get the job done effectively. Zoom Unified Communication Platform allows you to turn almost any device that can connect to the internet into an online meeting tool. We even offer installation services and technical support so you can rest easy. The technology you have or space that is available shouldn’t limit your business’s potential. That’s why we strive to be a partner in your business’s success. With Zoom video web conference software, you can be in touch with your team and clients regardless of the size of your business. And because all of Zoom’s video system great features are available in the cloud, you only have to learn one piece of software to manage multiple projects. With Zoom Rooms, the company’s personal video conferencing platform, you can use the technology you have to your advantage including:

  • Having up to three screens running simultaneously
  • Having a touch screen, where needed
  • Incorporating multiple microphones, perfect for large conference rooms and huddle rooms
  • Incorporating dual cameras or screens, to view full screen and gallery views simultaneously
  • Delivering excellent room-based video meeting

Whether your team member is on another floor of the same building or working in an office across the world, you can communicate with the highest quality. And with the aptitude to personalize your web conferencing package, you can get the perfect meeting plan for your business size and needs without spending more than you have to.

Business meeting Technology Built for You

With Zoom’s superior video conferencing software, you can rest assured you will have the best meeting your hardware allows. For the best hardware, Holistic Communications has partnered with Logitech to give you the best web conferencing experience possible. Logitech has a variety of video conferencing tools available, allowing you to choose what is right for the business. And when your hardware and software works together, nothing can top its performance. Some of Logitech’s great options include:

  • Logitech GROUP – GROUP is everything you need for your conference room. It delivers high quality audio and video for large groups up to 20 people.
  • Connect by Intel is perfect for streaming groups in a small conference or huddle room. It gives you one option for video streaming up to six people instead of having to use multiple webcams. Logitech’s Connect can move room to room as a result you may take the connection with you.
  • NUC – Intel’s NUC allows you to collaborate on a larger scale. It merges the versatility of Zoom’s screen sharing and video formats with high quality technology to set you above the crowd.
  • Logitech has a variety of webcams available to meet the need of your project. Each is equipped with HD video and works with our cloud video conferencing software. If you have a team member in a remote location, this is a great way to keep them in the loop.
  • With Logitech GROUP, you can add on additional microphones to extend the capability of the hardware up to 28 feet. It integrates automatically with the GROUP system so you can begin your meeting right away.

No matter what hardware you choose, this communication platform is the best cloud video web conferencing software. It works with your business to remove any barriers and provides the best audio, video and web communications available. If you want a collaboration tool that works with you and your business, contact Holistic Communications today about how to get started and start high definition immersive meeting today.


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