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Technology is constantly advancing. 10 years ago, having a UHD-1, or 4K standard, digital television was unheard of. In less than ten years, they will make up over a half the televisions in the United States. The increased quality of screens is not exclusive to televisions. The quality of digital media is translated into the workplace as well. Business meeting systems that allow for quality web video conferencing are the best online meeting software. Zoom, by Holistic Communications, is a high quality unified communication platform that works with 4K devices. You get the best of web conferencing without having to sacrifice video quality. 4K is the future video. So why hold your company back? Pair the highest quality video with the best unified communication platform for the best video conferencing. Keep reading to see how Zoom optimises the best in video quality. Combine a 4k camera into your sip / h.323 set up or entire video conferencing and video meeting eco-system.

High Quality Software for High Quality Meetings

Zoom provides a quality communication platform that works as a total teleconferencing solution. You get all the online meeting tools you want in one collaboration tool. It is a complete cloud video conferencing platform so you can collaborate in the office, remotely, or on the go. As long as you can access the internet, you have access to the highest quality meetings. The best part is everything is contained in one space. No more having to pick and choose different programs to get the ideal meeting software. With Zoom you get:

  • High definition video and audio
  • Voice detection features that work for both computers and mobile devices
  • High definition screen sharing and document sharing for both computers and mobile devices
  • Annotation/co-annotation of meetings within the platform
  • MP4 recording and shared content within the cloud
  • Whiteboard ideas with your team
  • “Hand raise” feature to collaborate without disrupting the flow
  • Secured messaging system with individuals and groups
  • Multiple options to connect to your online meeting

The high quality of Zoom sets it apart from other competitors. High quality video and audio paired with 4K definition devices translates to the best quality web meetings available. At Holistic Communications, we feel where you work geographically should not limit the quality of your meetings. In fact, Zoom provides the best quality in Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, India, New Zealand, Australia and any other country in Asia. You can stay connected to your business with:

  • Free dial-in telephone calls from more than 65 countries
  • Your pre-existing polycom room system or other H.323/SIP endpoint
  • View-only mode, perfect for hosting trainings and webinars with the capability to broadcast live on YouTube
  • Zoom Rooms, Holistic Communications website login
  • Mobile app access from both Apple and Android devices

With a high quality platform, you don’t have to sacrifice premium features for an affordable price. And the best in video quality and graphics make the features of Zoom even more impressive. Everything listed above comes included with Zoom Unified Communication Platform. You get it high quality video conferencing, securing messaging, content sharing from both, computers and mobile devices, annotation and recordings all within one platform. The best part? You can only get high quality screen sharing with Zoom. PowerPoints, documents, video clips and photos can all be shared with other meeting attendees. We want you to be connected to your business and work wherever you go. You don’t see this feature with platforms like Webex, Skype/Skype for Business, Joinme, or Gotomeeting. That is what makes Zoom the best online meeting tool on the market.

Pairing the Best Platform with the Best in Video Quality

4K definition devices provide the best possible video conferencing experience possible. Pairing it with Zoom Unified Communication Platform provides unmatched quality with more features. Logitech offers the highest quality hardware on the market that works with the best online meeting tool. With Logitech 4K devices, you can get the web conference experience of the future. Your company will stand above the rest because you’ll never have to worry about your message coming across clearly. Logitech’s BRIO 4K Ultra HD webcam is the best hardware available for video streaming. Check out some of its great features and how they pair with Zoom’s premium unified communication platform.

  • Ultra high definition camera, great with Zoom’s high definition web video conferencing
  • 5x digital zoom, so you can be seen no matter where you’re working
  • RightLight with HDR, to balance light on video streams
  • Background replacement, perfect for working on the go
  • Infrared facial recognition, certified by Windows Hello
  • Premium noise reduction, minimises visual clutter and background noise
  • Expanded field of view, so you can fit more into the picture
  • Streaming 4K at 30 fps or 1080p at either 30 or 60 fps

Holistic Communications’ premium platform with Logitech’s superior technology will bring your business meetings into the future. No matter the size of your company or meeting room, we offer solutions for you. Zoom can work for all your business communication needs including:

  • Video conferences and telepresence
  • Huddle rooms
  • Boardrooms
  • Training rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Education and universities
  • Lecture theatres
  • Classrooms
  • Public and private institutions
  • Non-profit organisations and houses of worship
  • Healthcare providers and hospital systems
  • Court rooms and other government and public services
  • Public display areas
  • Interactive and electronic whiteboards

With such a versatile platform, Holistic Communications offers support to make sure you get the best experience possible. Pairing a premium 4K visual experience with the best unified communication platform equals the best in video quality. Bring your company into the future with the best online meeting tool on the market. Zoom gives you all the collaboration tools you need in one easy-to-use platform. Don’t limit the quality of communication your team gets just because you are scattered around the world. Zoom provides the best quality whether you are connecting from a computer, mobile device, or pre-existing H.323/SIP system. The versatility is perfect no matter if you are a small business or multinational corporation. To harness the power of 4K, contact Holistic Communications today to find out how to get started with Zoom.

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