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Web Conferencing is the preferred way today for employee teams that are distributed geographically to go about their business. However, the cost of handling tools for web conferencing, particularly for start-up enterprises and small-sized businesses, could come in the way as a prohibitive factor. This delays the adoption of internet video conferencing and virtual web meetings. Managers of such business enterprises should be aware that this is not universally true to become a hindrance for their objectives to be realised. Today, there are numerous free internet virtual meeting software/apps which is available to them.

Among these video conferencing apps available for free, there may be few who will not provide a comprehensive functionality for conferencing objectives of all businesses and some may have restrictions for the number of participants required for the virtual meetings. Here is a list of the free web conference apps that will help your business enterprise to share the screens, record all events during a meeting and do business collaboration in real time –

  • Google Hangouts – You will be able to share information, see and hear your employees during the online meetings, wherever they are located in the world. This is a good experience at modest levels for your distributed team. You will be able to set up a group chat on video with Google Hangouts for up to ten persons on a free basis. This is a great app which is far superior to the simple web chat.
  • Zoom – This is the leader today in video online communication for all modern business enterprises. It is a reliable and an easy to use Cloud platform for both audio and video internet online conferencing, business collaboration, chatting and webinars and this is applicable across all desktops, room systems, desktops and telephones. Zoom Rooms is the original app that gives business conference room solutions which are software-based and they can be utilised all over the world in board rooms, conference rooms, huddles and training rooms along with executive offices. Zoom has helped many business organisations in bringing their distributed teams together in an environment which is frictionless and getting the business to move forward in a profitable way. Zoom comes free for unlimited sessions for up to fifty participants and the duration allowed per session is forty minutes. The free version allows online support, user management and security and is an ideal app for web conferencing and group business collaboration.
  • Join.me – The free version of this app allows companies to hold unlimited meeting sessions with the number of participants restricted to ten per meeting. This includes one organiser and nine other participants. They can use up to five streams of videos. Members can chat with other participants, join the audio parts and transfer files by means of VoIP. Participants are allowed to control the main computer.
  • Mikogo – This internet video conferencing app is free for one organiser and three other participants per each meeting session. The app allows online meetings, business presentations, demonstrations and provides for remote support.
  • MeetingBurner – With this app, your business enterprise can host up to ten participants for free. You can share the screens with anyone and it is compatible with iOS and Android systems. You will have the facility of getting analytics for all your meetings so that you are in a position to monitor how your employees or clients are interacting with the content that you are presenting.
  • WebHuddle – With this app, you can conduct meetings either in combination with the existing services for teleconferencing in your company or you can utilise optional VoIP facilities.
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