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People undermine the importance of video conferencing as a medium of business communication but they rarely realize that it can increase productivity while saving considerable travel time. Video conferencing technology would range from professional cloud-based video conference to simple and free social software like Skype and also to a wholly dedicated tele-presence based in a room as offered by Cisco. Regardless of the technology that is adopted for a video conference, it is essential to have good strategies to make this form of communication into a successful event for your business enterprise.

Smart strategies can be worked with best practices to arrive at productive and successful video conferencing. Here are seven proven strategies for an effective video conference –

  1. Selection of competent video conferencing software – Quality software will go a long way in helping you facilitate successful business communication. It is possible nowadays to download various kinds of applications, and without any charge, that will help you in maximizing video and virtual conferences for enhanced business returns.
  2. Make sure the lighting in the room environment is effective – Angles of projection and lighting effects are as significant when making video calls as they are in a face-to-face interview or a professional photo shoot. You may not show interest in the way the room is projected when you Skype with your superior or a colleague but when you are communicating with new clients, investors, potential employee or a media contact, the business situations demands professionalism. It is better to avoid fluorescent lights because they can cast shadows that are not flattering. It is smarter to have the primary light source placed behind the cameras.
  3. Select a background which is neutral – You may be in a formal office setup or at your home – it is better to ensure that the background that you project is not cluttered. It should look professional. It is a golden rule to follow ‘less is more’. There is no need of too many pictures hanging on the wall in the background as it may distract the person from speaking out the main topics in a conference on the other side of the cameras. It is not only the pictures; you have to get food or beverage items, clothes or box files out of the way.
  4. Keep relevant time zones in your mind – It is a common experience for multinational businesses to include participants in a video conference from various countries. The world has become smaller and globalized. You have to pick out the right time that is going to work out well for every participant involved. When you select time zones incorrectly, it is going to cause a great confusion and it may have an adverse impact on the productive outcome of your video conference.
  5. Keep all important notes handy – There are occasions when you need to take a look at important notes while making a video call. You can jot these important points on pieces of paper and have them easily accessible so that you can stay on track and not waste time, giving out the facts.
  6. Be conversant with all features of a video conferencing app – Be fluent with all the features of the video conferencing device. Eliminate all background noises while the conference is on. You have to try and minimize the echo that can emanate from a microphone. Be alert on how to mute and then activate microphones.
  7. Your internet connectivity has to be reliable and one that offers good speed – Your internet connection has to be a stable one as it is one of the most important aspects while you make a video call. If the connection is a slow one, it may affect the conference with visual disruptions or an inconsistent audio feed.

Remember that you cannot replace the impact that is caused by a live and a face-to-face conference, but video conferencing offers convenience of time and travel. Holistic team can help you to drive the adoption you need and the team colloboration leveraging video and mobility.

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