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What Is the Best Video Conferencing Software System for Businesses to Drive Virtual Collaboration Online

Video conferencing is one of the most preferred professional communication methods for modern businesses. It has become the best replacement for actual face to face meetings.

With video conferencing, you get the same face to face communication experience in HD quality with additional features that help you collaborate better. Video conferencing software should have features that help your employees, partners, service providers and clients connect from any of their end devices i.e. mobile, desktop, tablet, laptop or H.323/SIP room systems.

While choosing a video conferencing software, businesses should make sure that its features suit their communication requirements. So, what is the best video conferencing software for your small business, enterprise or Government department?

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Make Your User Experience the Best with Touch Screens for all Video Conference Room Needs

Easily set up your video conference room with 1, 2, or 3 standard monitor displays, or you can use a large interactive touch screen display with Zoom Rooms. Help your colleagues and business partners to brainstorm, share screens or knowledge with dispersed members in a simple way. Touch Screens are perfect for huddle room solutions, where small team groups can share ideas, record their meetings and collaborate on any content with co-annotation and face-to-face video.

Multi-screen video and screen sharing. Use up to three-screens with options to show the active speaker, sharing content and gallery view (PC supports dual screen). Wireless screen sharing, airplay mirroring or wired HDMI content sharing which includes video clips with audio.

Web And Video Conferencing Features

Holistic Communications was founded on the desire to provide our clients with a quality solution to meet all their collaboration needs

Intelligent proximity with one-click share:

Zoom Rooms video and web conferencing software will automatically detect your device, and with a single click you can share your content. No longer is there a need for dongles, cords or special codes, 50 button remotes and a frustrated IT support team -- just one click and you can share content to the room system.

IP PBX call-in support and Accessibility Support:

Now available, Every Zoom Room online video conference can have its own phone number and accept incoming calls. This makes Zoom video conference Rooms for collaboration perfect for executive offices and conference rooms. Accessibility Support: Now has Expanded accessibility features include closed captioning to display meeting text on conference room screens.

Automatic Audio Feedback Elimination & Direct Sharing:

Noise cancelling with proximity detection avoids meeting disruptions by automatically adjusting your computer audio when you are in your Zoom web video conference. Direct Sharing: Share the content directly from your laptop computer screen directly over your local network to the room display. This saves on bandwidth and provides higher quality video conferencing.

Save IT Support time by Remote Room Management:

It Support are allows having to manage video conferencing rooms hardware and solutions due to their legacy built complexity. Now Zoom video meetings allows IT teams to manage the infrastructure, peripherals and controlling services remotely which save time. All part of the manage dashboard and design.

Why ZOOM Enterprise Meetings Is The Best Room Video Conference Platform for Virtual Video Face To Face Meetings

Zoom Rooms video conference software enable meeting hosts to invite up to 500 interactive attendees, and have them connect from anywhere, at any time. It offers an intuitive interface with one click controls for starting and ending meetings, managing participants, camera controls, one tap MP4 or M4A recording, instant content sharing and invitations. You can share all your content as host or participant without cables, using the www.share.zoom.us URL.

You can view your ongoing or scheduled meetings with its Meeting Lists, invite and view availability status for participants and share your mobile, tablet or desktop screen instantly. Your participants can switch between full screen and gallery views, with the option of dual streams for dual monitors. Anyone you want can join in just by entering their personalized meeting ID. It even supports native interoperability for Skype for Business users, and scheduling through Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook.

Due to its hardware agnostic architecture, Zoom works on almost all your existing hardware, so you don’t have to upgrade anything. With its versatile Meeting Connector, you can effortless invite up to 500 participants and experience uninterrupted HD video conferences. You can share any type of files as large as 512Mbs along with annotations, whiteboards, private and group messaging. Zoom Presence offers several other great features that help you organise the best video conferences. With its flexible packages, and superior quality, its beats any other video conferencing software.

Holistic’s Zoom rooms for video conferences is an advanced, easy to use video conferencing software for the professional communication needs of all businesses. Holistic deploys Zoom VCaaS (Video Conferencing as a Service) across the Asia Pacific Region.

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Holistic Communications can provide your organisation with the following business features for IT support and branding to Market in the digital landscape of today:

1. Managed domains: This feature will allow you to gain visibility of every employee using Zoom online conferences, instant chat and audio conferences. This feature will also allow you to add the domains of your companies so that you can manage uptake of Zoom business meetings across the organisation

2. Company branding: Like Slack, Trend Micros and GoDaddy, Zoom provides our clients with a branded identity within the Zoom platform or ecosystem. This will secure your unique URL companyname.zoom.us for your group.

3. Reporting: This inbuilt user management and IT dashboards (including real-time reporting of meetings) will provide you and your teams with visibility of who is actively using Zoom and for what reasons. This should go a long way in helping you and your teams in determining why Zoom unified communication is being used and future service needs or road map required to drive productivity and support.

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Zoom Audio conference calls with adaptive voice for everyone to hear

All conference calls are built with adaptive voice. this means your audio calls no mater who is connected or how have first priority when collaborating. Then each audio connection is amplified or dampened to make sure everyone participant is at the same volume making conversations easy.

Zoom rooms for all IT environments (Room based video conferencing) which works

To support your virtual team collaboration zoom meetings has been developed against peers in industry who use legacy technology and infrastructure to give you the best user experience and adoption for Zoom Rooms.

Zoom room connector for your H.323 /SIP video conferencing rooms. For interop with zoom rooms, This will allow you to connect your existing cisco, lifesize, tanberg and polycom equipment or hardware solutions.

Zoom Webinars built in to the all in one video meeting platform

We give your organisation all the video tools in one place. This includes the fantastic zoom webinars built as another service in the same platform. See how well our webinar software work.

Webinar will support 10,000 participants and 25 panelists, but you can promote anyone when needed. All the same controls for recording and annotation and more are included.


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