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Use Any Hardware or equipment You Have for video conferencing and New Hardware Which Comes for web conferencing

Holistic delivers deployments of Zoom Rooms’ online meeting and video conferencing solutions via SaaS, Cloud and Hybrid methods to businesses in Australia, New Zealand and the entire Asia Pacific region. Our service includes support for Zoom Rooms video meetings, local service, training and in country billing. We deploy and sell Logitech Group video conferencing kit which perfectly matches the high definition video at an affordable price.  Zoom Rooms offers benchmark business communication and collaboration features in one easy to use, innovative platform. With it, you can hold meeting with hundreds of employees, partners, service providers and clients. Anyone can connect in real-time from their mobile, desktop, laptop and tablet devices. Zoom users enjoy cross functionality with other integrated communication systems, which can connect through its H.323/SIP meeting connector i.e. Cisco, Lifesize, Polycom etc.

Holistics’ Zoom users can use features such as instant audio, video, image and document sharing, mobile & desktop screen sharing, multi-screen view, breakout groups, meeting recording and much more. For instance, you can instantly start a meeting with your outstation employees and have them connect via the versatile H.323/SIP connector. You can also share business critical files with your partners, while simultaneously having a breakout chat with just your employees. Zoom helps adjust video and audio feeds according to network and bandwidth status. This ensures that you and your participants get a completely uninterrupted, crystal clear communication and hassle-free collaboration.

Video conferencing should Work with All Hardware, Old & New for all your virtual video meeting

A big advantage of using Zoom Rooms for your professional collaboration needs is its compatibility with most available hardware. This means you do not need to spend astronomical amounts trying to upgrade and customize your existing communication infrastructure. It gives you a high quality, feature loaded HD meeting room that supports all end devices on your end and those of your participants. Zoom Rooms is quite easy to setup on host devices, doesn’t require complicated configuration processes, and you can start using it instantly. It is quite convenient as your meeting participants can connect to your interactions live through the H.323/SIP room connector, via their mobile phones, tablets, desktops, laptops and even by dialing in a call.

Zoom’s Meeting Connector technology is built for reliable communication and extensive compatibility with most modern (or slightly outdated) hardware end points. If you want to implement newer hardware for your communication needs, it will support them too. With Zoom Rooms for virtual high definition meetings, you can connect instantly, accelerate your collaboration abilities and move towards boosting business ROIs.

The best hardware at the best price for video conferences you should invests in, is from Logitech grou

Logitech Group has released the new NUC for video conferencing for all small business and enterprise to use, but have dramatically reduced the entry point for high quality video and audio. Have immersive meetings without breaking the bank. We believe the single biggest change to the market, and now with Logitech the world’s largest suppliers of video cameras, that the NUC which was developed with Intel will be the single best enhancement outside of Zoom enterprise and online meetings.

To find out more about what video conference system and which video conferencing cameras and hardware you should use, give our team a call today.

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