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For The Best Quality Video Conferencing Hardware 

Video Conference Room NUC

If you are designing or implementing a video conference room, then we can help you. There are solution for eversized and type of meeting or video conference room, from huddle rooms, to meetings rooms, to board rooms. All require an easy to manage hardware solution which is compatible with your your software solution. The NEw Logitech NUC is a great way to start, with high definition video, hugely affordable and is plug and play. got more needs we can help for any type of hardware.

Desktop High Definition Camera’s

When it comes to desktop or laptop meeting at the office or even from home, it is important to have the best camera’s and microphones so all meetigns you or your staff have are clear and audible. The Logitech c930 range with HD camera and in-built microphone are perfect for these meetings. If you need large quantities we can organise this for any client. If you have any requirement you are looking for when it comes to camer’as simply ask us.

We love Logitech Group for High Quality at the most Affordable Price. Our team can help you with and video conference room equipment or set up you need.

Huddle rooms are on the Rise, Try a Logitech Connect Today. if you need 5, 10 or 150 meeting rooms set up, get our professional team to design and deploy no matter where they might be located.

Room Based Video Conference Hardware Equipment for any Room Size

Logitech Group NUC

The New Logitech NUC developed in conjunction with Intel has changed video conferencing forever. Now you can set up a vide oconference room with High definition video for less than $5,000

Dual PTZ camera's in Larger Rooms

The quality PTZ Logitech camera range give you plug and play high definition video in every meeting.

Dual Microphones for Larger Rooms

Need the voice as clear as possible in large rooms, then yo ucan have two microphone in the meeting room. no need to put up with poor audio ever again.

Web conferencing hardware

Check out the Logitech NUC

The Logitech Group NUC is perfect for all video conferencing rooms and for boardrooms, it can be purchase by clicking the link below:

– Logitech Groug NUC 

Do you need Small Rooms

The Logitech BCC950 is perfect for small meeting room or huddle room which are permanent. The connect is also perfect for huddle room.

– Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCaml.

Huddle Rooms Mobile Meetings

Logitech Connect for Small Meetings

Designed for 1 to 5 people in a meeting, the Logitech connect is the game changer business and enterprise have been looking for.

Wireless Built in for meetings anywhere

Need to take your video conference with you, no problem. The connect has wireless built in and has a long battery life so yo ucan even take the connecgt to client meeting and bring the team to your clients.

High Definition Video

Small meetings and mobility does not mean poor quality. With the Logitech Connect you have high defintition video for every meeting.

Teleconferencing hardware

Check out the Smart Tech Whiteboards

Host videoconferences. Brainstorm on a whiteboard. Work on standard office applications.

SMART makes sharing ideas with your colleagues around the world as natural as meeting over coffee.

– Smart Tech Business and Government 

Do you Team Collaboration Screens

Collaboration Leads to Innovation

Every great idea began with a scribble on a whiteboard and conversation. SMART allows you to loop in more minds, insights and perspectives at once. We’re changing the way collaboration happens in the mobile age.

– Smart Tech Education

Whiteboards for Room Based Video Conferencing for any Room Size

Business & Government Range of Whiteboards

SHARE IDEAS AT THE SPEED OF BUSINESS, Technology designed for collaborative, dispersed teams. Allows you to accelorate decision making and transfer skills and knowledge with ease.

Plug and Play Set Up with any Solution or Standalone

The Smart tech systems have been built to be easy to use, set up and adaptable for any solution you may need. SMART Room System for Skype for Business is also available or you can deploy standalone systems using just Smart tech.

Educations Whiteboards for classrooms

Smart Tech whiteboards are brilliant for classroom and univiersity learning. record, share and use your clawssses at a later date from your shared learning using the whiteboards.

Web meeting hardware
Video conferencing hardware

Check out the Logitech Connect

The Logitech connect is perfect for huddle rooms and for taking with you to meetings, it can be purchase by clicking the link below:

– Logitech ConferenceCam Connect 

Do not need Small Rooms

The Logitech BCC950 is perfect for small meeting room or huddle room which are permanent. The connect is also perfect for huddle room.

– Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam

Logitech Head sets for quality Audio

Call Centre Quality Head Sets

Logitech has brought out their latest H650 series head sets which are design for call centre or any meeting situation where you need the best quality of voice.

Noise Cancellation

When holding a meeting, or and audio conference you need the best quality voice for other to hear. Noise cancellation get rid of backgroud noise if in a noisy environment.

Visual Light to Show When On A CAll

When you are tlaking or in a meeting, the Logitech head set has an LED light to visually show others you are on a call so they do not interupt you mid conversation.

Video conferencing hardware
Video conferencing hardware

Need help designing your organisational video meeting rooms, board rooms and video conference rooms of all sizes get in touch today.

Ask our Consulting Team What to Do for all hardware configurations, brands and sizes.

Do you need video conferencing software with High definition video to go with your hardware?

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