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Digital Project Management: the possibilities that the capabilities a Virtual Online Telecommunications solution which Holistic Communications can offer through deployments of Zoom business virtual meetings brings, really do seem endless.

Let’s just take a look at what Project Management is, for a second and its benefits

What is Project Management?

  • Project Management can be defined as the skills, knowledge, experience, implementation of processes and methods used to successfully achieve the objectives of a Project. Organisations usually have a PMO (project management office) who are continually managing and delivering projects internally or externally to clients.

How does this benefit us?

  • The Project is put into action
  • The Project progress is systematically tracked
  • The Project reaches completion timely

Many faculties including Banks, Hospitals, small, medium and large Businesses, Mining Sectors and Government Corporations make use of Project Management, as they do Online Video Collaboration.

So why not incorporate the two?

Zoom can assist Project Management Teams with a multitude of Online Digital Service Offerings

Tape Meetings – Whether you need to view Virtual Medical Project Result again, or listen to an important part of an Online Project Management Meeting again, you never have to worry about missing out on important details or facts while Video Conferencing. Meetings can be Digitally Recorded Online and safely reviewed at a later stage.

Brainstorming Sessions – A massive International Food Company may need to begin implementing a new expansion project within their Franchises in certain Countries. Zooms Online Conferencing Systems allows up to 500 participants to actively be involved in exchanging relevant ideas.

White Board Meetings – All team members can be made aware of the important tasks that need to be achieved before the next deadline via Online Video Conferencing. With everyone always on the same page, work efficiency is greatly increased.

Consistent Live Feedback – Nothing can disrupt a project more than a lack of communication between the Project Manager/s, the Project Management Team and the Heads of the relative Companies. If Team Members of a new Construction Project are unable to come off-site, they can still maintain consistent communication with their Superiors via Zooms Online Collaboration Tools.

Progress Tracking – At the end of the day, a stagnant Project wastes Capital and this is something that needs to be knowledgeably avoided. Non-profit Organizations do not have the funding most of the times to have important Projects left hanging in the air. Online Meetings via Zooms Virtual Technology helps the Project Management Team to make continuous Live Online Updates to everyone involved.

With the heads of the Projects, the Project Manager and the Project Management Team always being kept updated, it becomes easier for everyone to be on the same page about the details of the Project at hand. This dramatically increases efficiency, time management and massive cost savings.

The days of project mismanagement seems to be over thanks to Zooms Online Virtual Conferencing Tools.

This Virtual Technology has become accessible anywhere, anytime and to everyone involved. A whole new world of digital capabilities has been opened up to Major Corporations, Internationally established Businesses, Government Organizations and their Project Management Teams.

Zooms Online Systems are multi-faceted in the best of ways, and are actively improving the Project Management services, off a multitude of Industries, on a Global scale.

Holistic Communications team can help you to unlock the hidden value in your project team, so get a demonstration today.

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