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Video conferencing has changed the very way businessmen communicate. What was just a concept of science fiction in the early days has now become a definite reality. Every business organization is now using video conferencing tools, particularly when they need to communicate with people who are at faraway places.

When it comes to video conferencing on a global or a regional level, your ability to manage and handle video conferencing tools will reflect your company’s professional brand and who you really are. The demeanor and the behaviour of your virtual team in a video conference will have a big impact on your reputation, both internally and externally.

Video conferencing tools involve software that is capable of allowing two business teams to communicate through video and audio mediums with an internet connection. Business organizations of all sizes are using video conferencing tools quite frequently nowadays and for various purposes. Whether you are hosting a global virtual meeting from a corporate telepresence which is state-of-the-art or from Google Hangouts on your laptop, there are ways of using tools which will enhance interaction skills.

You have to know these tools, inside out. Casual familiarity will not assure a smooth experience when there are big business stakes involved. You have to understand the technicalities involved in the software and hardware you use and their connectivity options. Glitches may happen with the best of systems you use.

These are the video conferencing tools that every virtual team requires in order to function properly based on its requirements –

  • Zoom RoomsHolistic Communications provides Zoom Rooms as a powerful communication software/tool which includes remote support and it is customizable to fit your business brand. It is good value for your investment. This is an access tool, a remote support and business collaboration, all rolled into one platform. Those days are gone when video conferencing was just a case of connecting two business teams for a meeting. Now, you can run meeting sessions with simultaneous collaboration from several users. You can control machines with remote support and customize the appearance of the software to match your business brand. You can adjust its security settings to comply with the needs of your clients.
  • TeamViewer – This is a software/tool which is packed with features and it gives you multilingual support. It also offers remote control abilities. It is easy to use. It offers access in addition to providing online meetings. This platform will allow users to access their PC at the office when they are on the move or when they are holding video conferences across towns and also share their screens for remote support from the farthest corners of the world.
  • GoToMeeting – This is a streamlined tool/software that offers you mobile access and it is easy to host and attend business calls/meetings. Convenience and ease of use are its main features. This platform is stripped back and it comes without frills and does not try to overwhelm its users. It does not offer a whole string of collaboration tools like the other platforms.
  • Skype for Business – This is a decent video conferencing software/tool provided by Microsoft for business enterprises. It offers an easy to use interface and Office 365 integration. It also provides facility for advanced scheduling and screen sharing in real time with VoIP support and gives you access across Windows desktops, Android and iOS devices. Two hundred and fifty members can participate in a single meeting.

The main functions of video conferencing tools are to make an online meeting room available for business users. Moderators will create that room and participants would be allowed to enter through a URL link. Many tools may require users to download small applications when they are using them for the first time. This is an important consideration when various people with different levels of technical skills are participating.



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