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In today’s technological world the classroom is no different. Even the United States Department of Education acknowledges that technology is a fundamental part of learning today. Technology in the classroom surrounds and submerges kids every day when they are being offered one Chrome Book per student to do homework and class work on, teachers using smart boards or Prometheans as blackboards and replacing overhead projectors and having instant access to other educational resources and learning material online using mobile devices twenty four hours a day seven days a week while being able to communicate with their teacher at the same time.  Stay up to date using Zoom, a Microsoft unified communications solution, to host faculty meetings or keeping everyone up to date on PTO fundraisers by using the integrated instant messaging software will prove to be fast and easy that will save you a ton of time and money.

Motivation and Engagement

It has been proven that technology increases motivation and engagement of children and young adults while accelerating their learning. The teaching material using specific technology can be customised to suit their learning style which increases productivity and keeps them focused and interested in the learning material. With technology in the classrooms today it improves communication barriers that for centuries slowed children’s progress and enrichment down considerably. Today studying can be done from anywhere at any time via web video meetings, calls with other students and even with teachers, tests can be taken on mobile devices and even on calculators and grades can be viewed with just a click of a button. Keep everyone in the know by hosting a district wide Zoom Webinar where you can have up to ten thousand attendance or integrate with YouTube for limitless views. When you need to be in another place but keep your staff in the loop Zoom offers enterprise video conferencing for your convenience and this complete video conferencing solution for small businesses does not require any extra hardware so you will be set to go from day one.

Innovation and Collaboration

Teachers are most likely the most important person, apart from a parent or guardian, in a young person’s life. And to be able to provide the biggest impact in the lives and minds of our future educators need to be able to have the newest and latest information and resources available in their field of study and teaching. Using Zoom video conferencing solution features such as:

  • Online virtual meetings
  • Business IM’s
  • Zoom Rooms
  • Webinar abilities
  • Cloud capabilities
  • Developer stack capabilities

Giving your educators all the resources and development tools using our all in one communication and collaboration video conferencing system will provide all of your students the best chance of getting the biggest impact throughout their education.

Video and Virtual Reality

Most students, especially those under twelve, retain visual information much better than auditory information. Studies have proven that sixty five percent of what a student sees is retained compared to only ten percent of what they hear. Educators should take this into consideration because each day they are filling the air with their voices instead of streaming live feeds of the Grand Canyon or video tours of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Using our screen sharing software to enable multiple classrooms to view live streaming video of far off lands to explore all at once or you can use Zoom rooms as a collaboration tool for your teachers to enjoy.

Engage and Excite

Students and teachers alike want to be engaged and get excited about what they are teaching and learning and by giving them the technology they crave and have grown accustom to will do just that. Using our online meeting software open source solution will give you the freedom to choose when and where you stream your videos, conferences, webinars and meetings and to whom. Our unified communications strategy offers:

  • Enabled H.323/SIP room systems- communicates with desktops and mobile devices. Works with most endpoints such as Cisco, Polycom and Lifesize.
  • Offers high definition video and audio for all screen shares in all meetings no matter the size of the rooms.
  • Wireless sharing from all devices
  • One touch or voice command to start meetings
  • Remote participants via desktops, other video meeting rooms, mobile devices or those using other web meeting software or at another video conferencing facility.
  • State of the art, real time, dashboard for full control and management of all of your rooms and the ability to track latency and jitter.
  • Integration and interaction with other applications

Empower and Create

Technology has changed how we learn and educate today and once we embrace that we can change the world. The classroom has become so advanced from what it once was and our future generations are so much more empowered and creative with all the information and knowledge at their fingertips. They can go online and find out anything their hearts desire and with the collaborative nature of social media and the digital age this is quite possibly the most remarkable time. Using our virtual meeting rooms will allow classrooms to meet with classrooms in Denmark or China and collaborate on special projects. There is no better time than now to give your schools this software based video conferencing system. It is easy to setup and maintain and no extra hardware is needed.

The world is changing rapidly and technology is everywhere today and the classroom is no exception. Give your educators and students what they desire and deserve and get the best unified communications solution. Zoom will deliver state of the art video meeting tools, screen share software ability for all your classroom mobile devices, webinar capabilities, conference calling services, web meetings, video conferencing software and so much more. Our professionals will take care of all the setup and walk you through everything so you can rest assured a job well done. Zoom is fast, flexible and secure and offers state of the art software and hardware for all your teleconferencing needs.

Video conferencing in the classroom is now a standard and effective way for people to learn with each other, especially from home, or remote schooling. By allowing education through video conferencing you allow for full immersive virtual classromms where student from any any age or skill set can interact with ease. The use of video conferencing in education has been dramatically increasing over the last 5 years and is only getting further adopted and is providing better quality than ever before. All staff and students when using video conferencing in the classroom benefits the same as if they were there in person, so nothing is lost in translation. As a supporting or suplimentary service which all can partake, the role of video conferencing in education just means more participation and more shared learning, lectures or lessons.
It can be a change to get used to, but one you have tried teaching using video conferencing you’ll wish you did it earlier. Record your classes, use electronic whiteboard and annotate and draw and share content all in the one solution.

If you need help is working out what video conference classroom setup you need, from hardware to software or nextwork infrastructure then ask our team for help.
By far the biggest driver is education has been video conferencing higher education due to remote lesson and learning and online degrees now a norm. But all have seen the light and are adopting if they have not already.

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