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The main benefit of working with an online teleconferencing software company that is so diverse is the multitude of industries that are able to make use of its advantages is the quality of your audio, video and screen share making every meeting or video conference work. A number of international companies, various government organizations and educational industries make use of online virtual technology and it has become a back bone for insurance and financial services.

The Insurance sector has successfully followed suit and is reaping the rewards

Insurance brokers that are actively looking for new clients will generally have to attend many one-on-one meetings with potential clients. The immense rise in travel costs, leads to an extremely high cost-to-Company. Zooms online video conferencing allows the insurance broker to conduct more meetings from home or from a dedicated online virtual office space. This eradicates unnecessary travel costs. When spread over a large workforce, the savings that the insurance company experiences are massive.

Both the clients, and the insurance firms’ best interests are always kept in mind by Zoom

The insurance broker and ultimately the insurance company benefit by the higher volume of clients that the broker can interact with in the day. With no need to travel, the insurance broker can hold a larger number of Back-to-back meetings through Zooms Online video conferencing. By having anywhere, anytime access to Zooms virtual software, those that are more sales driven can even work after hours to increase productivity and nail their sales targets. This in turn creates a larger potential client base for the insurance company as a whole. “The name of the game is making money,” it is said, and with Zooms virtual technology, insurance companies are definitely seeing the massive benefits.

Faster and more accurate claims processing procedures

There are faster and more accurate claims processing procedures thanks to Zooms high definition quality video conferencing capabilities. Online videos can be taken, recorded, taped and viewed by multiple parties simultaneous. There is more openness in the claims process, and clients are happier and more satisfied with the results. This assists the insurance company in providing a higher level of service to their clients, which in turn will see the client remaining loyal to their insurance house.

Clients are offered a more personal service

Instead of mere telephonic voice calls, the employees of the insurance company can better interact with their clients through online virtual teleconferencing. People tend to react better and create better bonds and trust when they can see the person on the other end of the conversation. The insurance broker’s body language will be visible, as will facial expressions and posture, which is an important factor for some people when choosing an insurance broker. Getting to have virtual face to face meetings as if they are there, with the ability for rich full conferencing and collaboration with screen share and white boarding.

Clients have an open line of virtual communication with a larger number of insurance staff members thanks to virtual call centres. Claims and queries will be directed to by the relevant departments more effectively which will in turn satisfy the clients need for a quick turnaround. All insurance groups have projects and team meetings, which are perfect for effective online web meetings.

Life happens sometimes, and all it takes at times is a simple smile from a friendly online virtual insurance call centre agent to make everything feel a little more bearable.  This is what Zooms online teleconferencing solutions bring to our world, every day.

Extending the traditional call centre, person visiting you can now add video and collaboration as a normal part of your collaboration suite of tools. For compliance you could even record all important meetings so nothing is every needing to be verified. Ask out team how you can use the web to have virtual online business meetings with your clients and team today. One which work every time which is more important and maintains and improves your company brand.

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