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Zoom video web conferencing, deployed by Holistic Communications, offers the best HD quality video and audio web conferencing and webinar software solutions that were named by Gartner in 2017 as the leader in Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions than any other name in the business. Zoom also has the only name in the industry with the leading NPS score of 69 according to the 2017 survey by Wootric. You can super power your apps with high definition video and audio with superior and simultaneous screen sharing ability. Zoom is the only ultimate HD video and audio conferencing software online solution that is engineered and designed to be completely customizable and almost made to be one hundred percent, out of the box reliable, every single time for your business meetings, webinars, video conferences, press conferences, video blogs, social media feeds, business instant messaging or whatever it is that you are communicating to your employees, friends or the mainstream public.

Cloud HD Video Conferencing

Need to reach clients in another country or have a potential business partner or employee over a thousand miles away that could potentially turn your small business into the success you have always dreamed of but need Zoom’s HD cloud video conferencing software solution advanced features to help you communicate with them? Zoom, powered by Holistic Communications has the answers for you all in our HD video conferencing solution high definition features and advanced technology offerings such as:

  • Dual screens with dual streaming technology
  • High definition advanced quality
  • Dynamic voice detection with high definition quality
  • Full screen plus gallery viewing option
  • iOS and Android mobile app integration with feature rich option and features
  • Zoom Room join in
  • Zoom Room Webinar option with join in option as view only attendee
  • 323/SIP room system join option
  • Dial in by phone join in option
  • Handicap accessibility- allows users with disabilities early option to schedule in advance to be able to attend and participate in Zoom meetings and webinars

High End Security and Unified Login

There is nothing more important today than your personal and private information being protected, especially from hackers and while on the internet. Zoom meetings and online conferencing software solutions systems have put in place high end security protocols to keep your personal information, your business information and your employees,  business partners and every stakeholder and each person or entity you do business with information protected from being stolen. We use a special Privacy Shield Framework and encryption technology to keep all your sensitive data safe from every getting lost, stolen or hacked and take special precautions such as:

  • HTTPS access
  • Role based access control
  • Admin feature controls
  • Sign in on SSO- or Google log-in
  • AES 256 Bit encryption
  • Secure Socket Layer Encryption

With unified login information your developers can save tons of time and money during development of key apps and integrations for your business with companies such as AD leveraging SAML 2.0 with Microsoft which supports a single sign-on and with Google credentials you get an open ID integration for your developers or even with Facebook powered by Zoom you can get a sign on open ID integration.

All this and more is possible with Zoom, powered by Holistic Communications, with high definition video conferencing software solutions for your business or personal needs. Get a free consultation today from Holistic Communications and see what a difference clear and reliable communication can make for you!

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