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Technological advancements in the field of video conferencing allow people today to conduct interviews, hold conferences and meetings. The technology allows people in a conference room to meet face to face without them travelling or changing their physical locations. The entire process of the conference room technology is managed with the help of internet connectivity. It allows for transmission of your images or text apart from video and audio feeds from one place to another besides providing chat and discussion facilities, face-to-face. This technology saves time and prevents hassles of travelling and business expense for the purpose of meetings and conferences.

Video conferencing technology has gained popularity in today’s generation because it is the fastest means of communication while being much superior to the process of telecommunication. Managers will be able to see the participants they are holding a conference with and a bond is formed between everyone present for that conference.

These are the six most popular conference room technology platforms:-

  1. OnStream Meeting – This video conferencing platform offers features similar to other famous platforms. Its notable features include high-definition video feeds, sharing of documents as well as screens and ease of availability. What makes it different from others is its capability of adding up to one thousand participants in one single meeting. It also enables users to edit recordings without the need to download the concerned videos. The highlighting option on the screens enables people to find crucial points and omit those that are not important. This helps in saving precious time of going through the salient points of a business meeting.
  2. EzTalks Meetings – This is a very famous video conferencing platform that can be used online. It can allow up to one hundred participants to participate in one single meeting, free of charge. It offers various features and they include professional conferencing events along with efficient services, making life easier for business managers. Technological features also include playback and recording facilities, whiteboard techniques and control management.
  3. GoToMeeting – This video conferencing platform’s extra ordinary feature is its allowance of toll-free international numbers. It also offers various options of translations of the control settings to allow people from all parts of the world to use it, easily. This platform has a popular approach to it in the international conference room technology market.
  4. Join. Me – This is another video conferencing platform that has become famous and popular in the global market. It offers all essential features concerning file transfers, screen sharing and recordings of meetings. It provides its services in forty countries across the world, with a vast network. Its special feature allows managers to personalize conference space by choosing a background of their choice and also offers chances of customizing URLs.
  5. ReadyTalk – This conference room technology platform has become popular because of its web conferencing and mobile conferencing features. This platform allows users to stream four separate video feeds, simultaneously. It also helps in combining features of Outlook, Google Calendar and Marketo.
  6. Zoom – This video conferencing platform has among its chief features high definition video conferencing facilities, screen sharing and recording techniques. It also offers whiteboard techniques and its free-version allows up to twenty-five participants to join a business conference.

Selecting the best conference room technology platform is not an easy task. It is wiser to find one which suits your company’s needs best. A platform can be chosen depending on the size of your company’s business and its objectives along with the member count in your business enterprise. Packages generally vary based on the number of participants involved on a maximum basis. These platforms have become a panacea for business managers as they help in saving both time and money.

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