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There are dozens of different cloud web meeting software programs to choose from on the market today. These software programs make it possible for companies and individuals to host web meetings and video conferences with other people throughout the world over the internet, removing the need for meeting at the same location regularly for meetings. Meetings in person are not being replaced but are being added to so collaboration and discussions can occur more regularly. Two of these meeting software programs include Livestorm and Zoom, which we will compare to help you make a decision about which software option is the best for your video conferencing and virtual meeting needs.

Plan and Pricing

Many companies often make a decision to go with a software option purely because of the price. While this may be particularly true of smaller businesses, who often have tighter budgets, it does not necessarily always mean the company gets the best value for their dollar. The starter plan for Livestorm is available for up to 100 attendees for web based meetings and video presentations, and starts at $99 a month when billed annually. Unfortunately, the company currently does not offer a free trial, so businesses need to make sure they research the software before purchasing. While this is still reasonable for many companies, it is a significant amount more than Zoom, which starts at $14.99 per a month per a host and comes standard with 100 participants. If a small company has only six people who need to host meetings regularly this is a significant savings. However, there is also a basic plan with Zoom which is completely free for hosts who do not need to host longer meetings, making it an ideal option for smaller businesses starting to use cloud meetings to conduct business.

Inviting Participants

Both programs make it possible to invite participants to join the web meeting and both programs do not require participants to have an account in order to join the meeting. Livestorm is compatible with most major web browsers, which is beneficial for those using a laptop or PC to host meetings. However, Zoom is compatible for use on PCs, laptops, and Android and iOS mobile devices. As a result, Zoom is more compatible for use by participants in a number of different settings, making it possible to include more participants in cloud based meetings without requiring them to be in a home or corporate office. While this may not be a factor for companies who provide all of their employees with a computer, it does make it less flexible for participants to engage and collaborate in these cloud based meetings. Clearly if flexibility is key for your company, Zoom is the better option.

Data Security

Zoom and Livestorm are cloud based programs, which raises concerns about the security and confidentiality of your company’s information. With these programs, all of your company’s data is encrypted, which helps to ensure the security of your company’s data. Both options also agree not to provide or sell your company’s information or information about your meeting participants to a third-party. Zoom also gives the option of allowing your company to whether store information in the cloud, or to store it on your own company’s server, giving your company more control over your data and information. If this is particularly important for your company to maintain on site, Zoom is the clear winner between the two programs.

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