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Do you need a solution for your conferencing rooms which includes the blinds, the light, and the video conference software into one powerful app?

Zoom Rooms has just that solution for you with its Control System API (ZR-CSAPI). This is an application programming interface which enables external automation with a controller that handles your conference room through an SSH connection. SSH is a Secure Shell command interface and protocol which is UNIX-based in order to get secure access to remote computers. This software is intended for both video and audio integrators that install solutions for custom conference rooms.

For such installations, integrators will program and design a central automation controller that will take charge of all devices present in the conference room. These devices will include the conference room itself, the environmental controls such as the blinds and the lights and all other electronic items such as video switchers.

This comprehensive app is a process on a stand-alone basis which will be executed by the Zoom Room apparatus. The SSH interface accepts a Command-Line Interface terminal connection from an external controller of automation. ZR-CSAPI will connect to Zoom Room through a proprietary Zoom Room API. This chart will help you understand how this app takes full control of your conference room

(Source: www.developer.zoom.us)

With this configuration, the automation controller will offer an exclusive touch screen which replaces the standard Android or iOS- based Zoom Room Controller. This touch screen will provide the user interface along with widgets which help control all other devices in the conference room. These installations offer various benefits as they are driven by automation. The interface is customized to the requirements of your conference room and serves as an intuitive app for all end users. There is no need at all for numerous remote controls. You can create presets for motorized blind settings, light levels and camera panning or tilt levels. You can customize the conference room sub-systems to it. The automation controller can connect directly to video codec and any device you want in your meeting room. As mentioned before, they could be environmental controls such as lights, motorized blinds, heaters, ventilators, air-conditioned systems, audio and video devices and video switchers, camera panning and tilting. You can even manage audio switches for the purpose of switching among speakers and microphones, controls of video projectors, up and down controls of the projector screens, document cameras and DVD players. The app will also control room recorders and lecture capture systems.

You can access documentation for ZR-CSAPI on the website of Zoom Developer. This is one Command-Line Interface that has syntax similar to many popular video codecs. Your Zoom Room can download your list of contacts and the lists of all scheduled meetings from the portal of Zoom Web. This information can then be disseminated through this CLI. You do not need to connect the automation controller with corporate directories in order to download that information.

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