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Technological advancements have made it possible for a lot of companies to perform duties and activities online. With the addition of video conference features by different platforms like Zoom meetings, Skype for business, Cisco WebEx and Gotomeeting, it has become easy to create effective virtual video meeting environments.

Zoom unified platform for Effective Collaboration

One of the most popular service providers for video conferencing these days is Zoom virtual video meetings. It is easy to use and can be accessible as:

  • Web Browser Client (for meetings)
  • Browser extension (Chrome and Firefox)
  • Microsoft Outlook plugin
  • IBM Notes plugin
  • Mobile apps (iOS and Android)
  • Intel Unite plugin
  • Sharing iPhone/iPad Client plugin
  • Zoom Rooms (Win) app
  • Microsoft Lync plugin

With Zoom web conferencing, it is also possible to host the meeting in different settings:

  • Video On
  • No Video
  • Screen Sharing Only

Signing up is free and the client (web browser) automatically downloads when you either join a Zoom meeting or start one. It is really very convenient and hassle-free. Built with the lasts codecs to provide the high definition but best quality video, audio and performance at all times. Try it and you will understand why we changed.

Zoom is an online video conferencing/meeting and webinar software that comes with a wide and well-structured array of functionalities. The program can be basically used in different situations or settings like virtual collaboration, virtual demos, internet online trainings and online business meetings for all organisations (government, enterprise small business, SMB, SME).

During a video conference or a virtual business meeting, the host can choose if they want the participants to see the entire screen or just selected applications. They can also switch control of keyboard and mouse to one or more of the other participants. The host can share the host screen and other participants can also share theirs.

Document sharing is also possible through the app – for instance, users can access documents from Dropbox. This means that it would be easy for participants and the meeting host to present updated files for everyone to check and learn from. It also allows for ease in tracking of projects, so that team members can witness a project’s evolution from start to finish. It would be easy to track who did the latest changes, as well as how the document was saved prior to the changes. Managing a project is really easy with the use of an online collaboration tool like Zoom. There is no need to email back and forth to send and request documents. In addition, searching in the inbox for lost documents is now a thing of the past.

Additionally, Zoom messaging apps can be used to chat, invite contacts to meetings and share files – all on Zoom client application for Mac, PC, Android and iOS. This makes it easy for the people on the go because they still get to be included in meetings and collaborations even if they have no access to desktop or laptop computers.

The Zoom plugin for Microsoft Outlook is designed so that users can conveniently schedule meetings in Microsoft Outlook. Zoom also offers integrated VoIP and telephone-based conference services. So, even if you cannot join the video conference, you can still be heard if you need to say something.

Zoom web conferencing for All Collaboration Needs

Whether you just want an application or a platform for online video meeting or if you want to give a lecture to your entire staff, you can rely on Zoom services to be effective and secure.

One of the most significant aspects of the workplace these days is teamwork. There is a necessity for everyone working for a company or a project to be continuously and regularly connected so that they can easily collaborate and communicate every step of the way. A good and reliable virtual collaboration tool is what every business needs.

Online Video Webinar Solution 

The video webinar software from Zoom includes great features like host control, HD screen sharing, post-webinar reporting and Q and A dialog box. It is all part on the all in one system. This program offers various features including live chat during the webinar, as well as easy switching between video camera and screen sharing. It is essential though to download the player before one can join in a webinar. This is just a small glitch though as once you have the player downloaded, you are good to go.

The host control feature allows the host to mute the participants during a presentation. Everyone will have the chance to ask their questions or present their input after the presentation through the Q&A dialogue box. For those who will not be able to be present during the live web webinar, the presentation can be recorded – this is a good feature especially if there will be participants from different parts of the world who will be on different time zones. Send and email from the zoom portal or a web url for other to click on and watch the recording. Password protect it if you need to.

Zoom Makes Meetings and Collaborations Possible – Anytime, Anywhere

The team members (or the host and the participants) can be anywhere and the meeting can still push through. As long as there is an Internet connection, any member of the team can join and work remotely anywhere. The entire company can be entirely dispersed and business is not going to fail because everyone can still collaborate and work in an effective and organized way. Employees assigned in different parts of the city, state, country or the world can work together on their projects regardless of the distance separating them.

It simply means that even employees business trips can still stay connected and work on the project. They have easy access for their contributions even if they are away from their desks.

Since Zoom also allows online business meeting and webinar recordings, employees, team members and participants that are living or working from different time zones can still access the meetings, trainings, web conferences and virtual team discussions.

All in all, online collaboration is undoubtedly an important aspect of business operations. Small companies, big corporations and even freelancers working from home can truly benefit from the advantages provided by online video conferencing platforms like Zoom. There are several platforms, service providers, software programs and mobile applications created to make video conferencing possible. Zoom stands out among the rest because it has the best features and a wide range of collaborating tools that make virtual video meetings, conferences, webinars, video tutorials, video training’s, screen sharing, documents/files sharing and real-time chatting effective and productive.

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