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Best Video Conferencing Application

Are you an emerging business who wants to know about the best video conferencing application? Zoom Rooms can provide you latest technologies to experience a high standard online collaboration. Zoom Rooms is world’s first SDVC or Software Defined Video Conferencing system which provides cloud conferencing, wireless data sharing and integrated video conferencing for all your employees, clients, business partners and service providers. Holistics Zoom Rooms contains updated features which provide you HD quality audio visual experience for all kind of virtual meeting. It has the most powerful features packed within one easy to use platform and enhances your collaboration abilities.

Features of Zoom Rooms video conferencing solution

    • Zoom Rooms provides cloud video conferencing with HD audio visuals. It also provides dynamic voice detection with full screen gallery view and dual stream for dual screen. Zoom provides ZoomPresence joiningand view-only attendee. You can connect to Zoom via telephone dial in or H.323/SIP room system.


    • Zoom allows group collaboration and group messaging for Mac, Windows, Ios and Android with screen share documents, photos and video clips. It also enables iPhone, iPad screen share with Ios mirror for annotation and co-annotation. Zoom also avails keyboard and mouse control and whiteboarding.


    • Zoom supports simple online meetings with high quality desktop and application sharing with personal meeting ID and URL name. Instantly it can schedule a meeting from Google chrome and outlook plug-ins. Zoom provides MP4 and M4A audio recording to its participants with host control.


    • Zoom Rooms provides Hybrid cloud service to meeting connector for private cloud and virtualised software setup in minutes. It scales and adds capacity easily with local high-availability. It offers 24×7 online monitoring with instant global service backup.


  • Zoom works on either email, single sign-on (SSO) or Google login. Zoom Rooms is encrypted with secure socket layer (SSL) and AES 128-bits. It also allows HTTPS access for role based access control and admin feature controls.

By using an integrated online collaboration and video conferencing solution like Zoom Rooms into your communication infrastructure, you can take your huddle room experience to the next level. Cloud, Hybrid or SaaS based technologies are considered to be the most practically capable software for high-level business meetings in all size of rooms. If you want to experience HD quality audio visuals for your online business collaboration you can get in touch with Holistic’s Zoom Rooms.

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