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With an increasing amount of teams working throughout different areas in the world, there is a need for more frequent video calls to be conducted to complete necessary business. However, when relying on the use of the internet for conducting a video meeting, it can become frustrating at times when there are malfunctions. For this reason there are a number of different things which need to be kept in mind when doing any type of online video conferencing.

Reliable Internet Connection

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the need for a reliable internet connection. Sometimes meeting hosts get frustrated with meeting software and look for a different provider. But if the internet connection is not reliable, even a change of provider will not resolve the problem. Not only is it important to ensure the internet connection is able to handle the amount of data that needs to be transmitted. If the internet provider is also being used by multiple people within the company, the internet provider also needs to be able to support multiple users. If not, then it should be upgraded before considering a change in meeting software to ensure the problem is properly resolved.

Troubleshooting Basics

No matter what type of video conferencing software being used, it is important to become familiar with the basics of the software program before hosting a meeting. This also includes a number of basic troubleshooting solutions to be able to quickly address a minor problem when it occurs. In some cases, it is possible for participants to become frustrated when they are not able to be heard by the other participants during zoom meetings. Often times this is a simple solution of “un-muting” the participant or their microphone so they can actively participate. Another simple problem some face when attending online meetings is the meeting host is running behind and the meeting is delayed. Zoom meetings makes it possible for the host to designate someone else to be able to start the meeting so work can still continue to progress without any delays.

Excellent Customer Service

Sometimes, there are just problems that basic troubleshooting is not able to resolve. When this happens, there may be times it is necessary to contact customer service. There are a number of different unified communications solutions providers, all of which have their own customer service. Many are able to quickly help you over the phone to identify the problem so you can continue to host your meeting. Others provide minimal assistance, or not always available at the same time as your meeting. Zoom video conferencing offers a number of different customer service supports to ensure meetings are not disrupted and business is able to be conducted as usual. This includes not only traditional phone support, but also the potential for remote tech support or on site assistance for customers who need even more assistance in ensuring their video meeting tools are set up correctly to prevent problems from occurring.

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