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What does Unified Communication provide?

Services connected with unified communication offer effective communication mediums so that the experience of users is enhanced and their performance gets better. It is a little complicated as a desired strategy of corporate business managers as they have to focus their energy and time and investment in the space provided by unified communications.

The main objective of unified communication service providers like Holistic Communications is to make technological applications simpler for enhanced performance in a corporate business enterprise. These service providers thrive in such conditions because they are certain that their efforts are going to produce tangible results for corporate management, ranging from its employees to its customers. Solutions and services are provided in a way that delivers results to meet the tailored objectives of corporate business managers. These managers can improve their communication connections with their business partners, their employees, their communication devices and their supply chain links.

What are the areas of expertise offered by unified communication service providers?

The main areas of expertise offered by unified communication service providers are video conferencing, business collaboration, Cloud services for communication solutions, networks and connectivity, voice management, webinars and maintenance of virtual environment.

  • Business Collaboration and Video Conferencing – These services will help enhance your communication levels and will make them more productive. Many good ideas can sometimes be lost when interaction in real time or physical presence is not there in the corporate business meetings. These services will help focus on making sure that the connections of your team members remain on top priority with the latest web conferencing equipment which delivers world class audio and video delivery.
  • Cloud Services for communication – These services will empower a corporate organisation to adopt the latest and effective means of communicating through various managed and hosted solutions. Cloud business collaboration offers the most competitive solutions in today’s marketplace which has become diverse, globally. All the complexities and the uncertainties of remote interactions are removed in the corporate business world.
  • Connectivity and networks management These services make sure that there is no outdated frames relay on account of bad internet connectivity issues. Private line connections would now be supported by the latest and advanced WAN technology which is packet-based. The network solutions are aware of applications that are optimised for delivery of communication on real time basis. The Cloud-based services are provided across the corporate business enterprise so that it can deploy a united internet protocol network as a managed infrastructure to anticipate high performance and flexibility.
  • Voice management – With applications such as VoiceMaxx CE, corporate businesses can incorporate and also extend the famous HCS capability or Hosted Collaboration Solution platform that is offered by CISCO. These services offer various benefits that help enhance corporate business collaboration. They will bring down the communication cost and the capital outlay while offering a flexible solution which supports numerous communication methods. This app is perfect for multinationals and corporate businesses that have extended operations on a global basis.
  • Corporate enterprise streaming and webinars – These services help the virtual meeting events and webinars that support enhancement of communication methods. The communication levels are improved both internally and externally for corporate organisations. With the help of a virtual environment which is an interactive one, enhanced video experiences, your meetings and messages will be delivered effectively to have a big impact on both your employees and your business clients. These services provide virtual technology which is innovative and they can give your business a global reach that helps your marketing, corporate communications and your training objectives, leading to an increased return on your investment.
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