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Are you over spending on your current unified communications strategy? Are you over committed to your current provider?

Unless your company has limitless financial resources to spend on your unified communications platforms, the question of “are you over spending on your current provider” is one most companies will ask at some point. If your company is not happy with your current provider, but you are not sure you want to change, there are a number of questions your business can ask to see if you are “over committed to your current provider” and determine that your company is ready for a change. We are constantly seeing organisations of all sizes struggling to make their current systems work together, perform all the tasks required for all parties and not evolve with the technologies available. All hindering the business or organisation in advancing or taking the benefits of collaboration and especially virtual video meetings.


Is your provider reliable?

How long has the company been providing unified communications services? If the company is new to the market, they are likely to have a number of kinks they still need to work out before being able to provide reliable service. They may offer a greater cost savings, but at the expense of offering a lesser quality product. Also, the longer a company has been providing services, the more likely they are to provide you with references of customers who have used their products and services. Zoom meetings have been providing unified communications platforms to a variety of businesses in a number of different industries. In addition, Zoom has won awards in the area of unified communications, including the 2016 Trust Radius Top Rated Web Conferencing Software Award and in 2015 was named a leader in the Aragon Research Globe for Web and Video Conferencing. Lastly, Zoom shares its customers’ experiences, as can be read in Wainhouse Research’s review of their Zoom video conferencing experience. It is often we find old systems or legacy strategies where client try to avoid the use of rooms in place or the solutions given to them.


Are the unified communications platforms straightforward?

Any provider should be able to tell you clearly what services you will be getting, and how they will help meet your company’s needs. Zoom web video conferencing clearly spells out the different meeting plans and software-based conference room solutions provided. There are no additional hidden costs, and every plan is outlined for your business needs. Holistic also offers a full-feature basic plan for business clients free of charge which does not have a trial period limit to use. This is great for maximising adoption through a limited service.


Is the system easy to setup and maintain?

If your provider requires professional assistance to setup and maintain it regularly, not only is it costing your company money for the additional service, but it is also reducing your productivity, thereby costing your company more. Zoom is easy to setup, and in most cases, the host is able to set everything up unassisted. If a problem arises, the Holistic team is ready to help you troubleshoot remotely, allowing you to use your unified communications platform right away. In addition services providers who constantly require software updates, or who only work with one platform do not offer the same flexibility as those providers who can be interfaced with multiple platforms. Zoom is able to be used by multiple types of devices, including Windows and Mac computers, Android based mobile devices, and Apple iOS mobile devices, like an iPad. No matter what type of a device a participant is using, they can participate in the meeting easily.


How does the service grow with our business?

Many providers allow you to add on additional features but with it come an additional cost. From the beginning, Zoom spells out what features are available with each meeting plan, so your company can make an informed decision as to which plan best meets its needs. As your company grows, it is easy for a company to select a different plan without being nickel and dimed. Unlike other service providers which cannot be integrated easily with your existing hardware, Zoom is easily interfaced with different platforms and hardware. So as your needs change, there is no reason to overhaul your entire system. By being able to only purchase any new equipment needed as you grow; your company is able to have additional cost savings.


How compatible is the system with multiple location networking?

A number of providers do not work well from multiple locations, thereby limiting the ability to collaborate by multiple people from remote locations. Zoom video conferencing is compatible with a computer, mobile devices, over the phone, or through an H.323/SIP endpoint connection. As a result, it is ideal for any company with multiple locations. It is also useful for allowing employees from remote locations, or when travelling to be able to connect to and participate in meetings. Zoom also allows individuals from different countries to join in meetings together, allowing for your company to expand further.

If your current provider doesn’t adequately answer these questions, it may be time to look for a new provider. Zoom is a reliable provider, with a proven track record, which can be verified through different customer reviews and accolades received. The meeting software is straightforward with built in bandwidth management, packet loss and jitter controls. From the very beginning, you know what you are getting, and what the costs will be for your business. If you still need help making a decision, the Holistic team is able to answer any questions about different options and help you to determine which plan best meets your needs. From scalability, ramp up options, total business packages for enterprise. Once you have made the decision to set up your Zoom Rooms conferencing or virtual meetings and group messaging, the initial setup process is so simple, the majority of users are able to do so entirely single-handed, and customer support is available throughout your entire experience to assist you.

Furthermore, Zoom online meeting solutions grow as your company grows. There are a variety of monthly plans available to meet your company’s needs, ensuring your staff is able to collaborate effectively on projects. Whether using the free plan for your go to web conferencing tools, or you are a large enterprise needing additional integration options, Zoom can help your company to meet their productivity goals by being a virtual meeting point, for all of your employees no matter how much they travel, if they work remotely, or are on the other side of the world.

If your current unified communication provider is not meeting your company’s needs, the Zoom team is ready to assist you in getting started on using the best unified communications solution available. Try the basic meeting plan for free for as long as you like, and compare the quality of service with your current provider. You will not be disappointed.

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