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Internet security has been in the news lately. When it comes to your business, you want everything to be secure. And if you work in a government office, security is of upmost importance. Not having a secure way to communicate could be a matter of security for the citizens you work to serve. Another big story in the news is the future of net neutrality. We don’t know what the future of neutrality looks like. This uncertainty can threaten any organisation. On top of this, governments are a common target of hacks. The lack of security even within secure networks can haunt any organisation. But when crafting the future of your community, the consequences can be even more severe.


All these elements, together, call for an added level of security with any communication. Instead of many programs scattered around the web suiting a different need, a unified communication platform gives you one teleconferencing solution without the risk of losing secured information as you move from one platform to another. Zoom, crafted by Holistic Communications, is the ideal collaboration tool, allowing you to communicate freely with added security. Everything is one place making it easier to get the job done.

Enhanced Security Comes Standard

Secure collaboration is the best collaboration. Your job is stressful enough. Don’t spend time stressing if your communication is secure. With Zoom, you get more:

  • AES 256-bit and Secure Socket Layer encryption
  • Work email, Google, or single sign-on login
  • HTTPS access
  • Admin feature controls
  • Role-based access

Everything is encrypted meaning you don’t have to worry about anything happening to your information. This security protects more than just your video conferences. It extends to messaging, screen sharing, document sharing, even our mobile app.

You get more accessibility when you are working on site or on the road. Our mobile app has revolutionary features our competitors don’t. You can secure message your coworkers in the office when you’re on site. You can share documents, images, what’s on your screen, video clips, and more. With Apple devices, you have the same capabilities as on your desktop. We are working to develop our Android app to give you the same capabilities as well. No other web conferencing tool allows you to share your mobile content. And with the security of Zoom, you can safely work on projects even when you’re not in the office.

Features to Get the Job Done More Efficiently

In government, efficiency is the key. You have to get more done with less on faster timelines. You are watched by the people you work for, always critiqued for just doing your job. Communication and keeping organised can help you get the job done faster. The faster the job is done and done well, the less scrutiny you will receive. Instead of criticising you, citizens will be thanking you. Does this sound like a dream? Well, that dream can be achieved with Zoom. With our unified communication platform, you can work more efficiently. You get cloud video conferencing with additional collaboration tools such as:

  • Secure messaging system to collaborate with individuals and groups
  • iPhone/iPad/Android screen sharing
  • Mouse and keyboard control
  • Simultaneous screen sharing of photos, video clips and documents
  • HD audio and HD video with automatic voice detection
  • Co-annotation/annotation of meetings
  • MP4 recording stored within the cloud
  • Dual streams for dual screens
  • Multiple view options including gallery view and full screen
  • Whiteboard ideas with coworkers
  • Accessibility features, giving users with disabilities access to the best online meeting tool available

Video conferencing with Zoom have some of the best quality in the world. You can elevate your potential to get more done and better serve your community. As a government employee, community is important. Fostering community, bettering your community, working with other communities, serving others is central to your mission. At Holistic Communications, we want to take down any barriers to make this happen.

Efficiency as an Economy Price

In government, you need to use your money wisely. You’re not only spending your money, you are spending the taxpayers’ money of those you represent. Whether you are in urban planning, accounting, or in remote office for a congressperson, you need to spend your money with others in mind. Holistic Communications gets it. Many of our features come free. For no price, you get the following features:

  • Group meetings (unlimited, 200 participants)
  • Unlimited one-on-one meetings
  • HD video and audio
  • Dual streaming
  • Multiple views
  • Multiple ways to access meetings – free dial-in, Zoom Rooms, view-only mode, pre-existing H.323/SIP systems, revolutionary mobile apps
  • Personal meeting identification numbers
  • Scheduled or instant meetings
  • Chrome and Outlook plugins
  • Messaging
  • Video recording of meetings
  • Host controls
  • Screen sharing
  • Whiteboarding
  • Breakout video rooms
  • Advanced security

At Holistic Communications, we don’t believe communication is only a privilege of major corporations with big budgets. Government offices have some of the hardest jobs in the world. You have to serve your organisation, its mission and the community. It’s a high stakes business with the most altruistic of goals. Spend your money wisely. Only invest in the tools you need. Your cloud video conferencing doesn’t have to be a budget killer. If you want even more, we offer expanded features for a low monthly cost.

Keep up with the office while serving your community. Have the peace of mind that your work is secure. With Zoom’s added security, you can get the job done quickly and efficiently without having the spend time and money on multiple platforms. Our revolutionary mobile apps for Apple and Android smart devices give you the ability to work on site without missing a thing. If you work in parks and recreations, you can be at a park and update the office via the mobile app what’s happening on site. If you work for a senator in the local precinct, you can cloud video conference and communicate what’s going on at home with Washington, DC. No matter what realm of government you work in, a unified communication platform is the secure way to get the job done. For more information, contact Holistic Communications today to find out how to get started.

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