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10 Features that Make Unified Communication Platforms Better than Any Other Online Collaboration

We are living in an era of advanced communication technology. The way we interact has emerged from the SMS and normal voice into the much more advanced unified online communication platforms. Now you have such platform just a click away. There are dozens of them available on the internet and you can revolutionise your communication whenever you want to.

Lately the communication in global organisations, especially the ones with dispersed staff have started using online communication platforms to save time, money and efforts. Team members from across the globe are able to meet with one another, without ever leaving the comfort of their office or home. The result is a substantial cost and time savings for the parent company, and the ability of the team members to be able to work more efficiently with one another.

Online video conferencing is the effective trend of the day for companies to collaborate with employees, customers, and vendors from across the globe. In the past, companies who utilize online collaboration have used social media platforms, emails, and one-to-one voice and video calls to communicate. However, the new Unified Online Communication Platforms are a much more advanced form of interaction for these companies. Below are ten ways in which they are better than the traditional online collaboration options.

  1. All-in-one Communication Platform

These Unified Communication Platforms offer complete communication solutions on a single place. Whether you want to send a short message, an official email, a presentation, voice message, video message, or you want to make voice call or video call, you can do it all without moving out of a single app. Not only this, the same app can be used to conduct business webinars, online presentations, lectures, remote trainings, online web conferences and video conferencing.

  1. Time Efficient

By using the Unified Communication Platform one can save a lot of precious time. When it comes to normal digital coordination through virtual web conferencing tools, you need to send email, or message, wait for response, and later proceed to a duo based call. That takes a lot of time. On the other hand, employing a good video conferencing platform, you have an all-you-need software app to help you present things efficiently. During the online web conferences and video calls, you can read the material presented and make instant decisions resulting without wasting time.

  1. Less Effort

Traditionally you have to use a number of means to coordinate with your team. When it comes to a normal in-person meeting they have to take down notes, write what to discuss, listen to things extra-carefully, and someone has to take the pains of writing or recording down the minutes. On the other hand when using Unified Communication Platform you don’t need to do anything manually. Its takes less than 10% of the efforts when using the Unified Communication Platform for video web conference in comparison with the custom methods of online teamwork.

  1. Live Sharing

In the past, the use of digital communication required the final outcome of the web meetings to be shared at end of the events. In contrast the new Unified Communication Platform provides options of live sharing based on the pre-set audience and participants. There is no need to scroll the lengthy text discussions, emails and memos. According to tier based settings, your intended audience (i.e. viewers and executives) can access both instantly and in recorded form.

  1. Digital Local and Cloud Based Recording.

In the traditional form of online communication the record is scattered across many platforms. In some programs recording isn’t available at all, in others it is restricted to a limited space. However you have a detailed record of proceedings on the latest digital Unified Communication Platform, with both cloud and local recording options. The related personnel can access that record when needed.

  1. Security and Privacy

Some of the average coordination programs especially those based on social media platforms are not safe. The contents are prone to be leaked and hackers can have access to all of it with little efforts. Every other day the news echoes such attacks, where the data is compromised. However when using a Unified Communication Platform, multi-layered encryption and fool-proof security, you can have peace of mind. Your communication is safe. No one can access it except those that are allowed to.

  1. Customization

Most of the apps and programs used for online collaborations have fixed features that can be used to coordinate online meetings and execute tasks. This limitation results in interrupted communication and the users face a lot of restraints. In comparison with this the Unified Communication Platform’s premium versions offer a complete user control. This brings more freedom and results in better communication.

  1. Company Branding

This feature of Unified Communication Platforms may not be appealing to everyone. But when it comes to the global organisations, it enhances their image in the corporate world. The enterprises are offered the programs with their own company’s branding. Digitally speaking this makes them masters of their own affairs. Despite their own stamps, they have the helping hands ready for just-in-case situations.

  1. Ease of Use

Zoom Unified Communication Platform can be used across many operating systems. Thus the user faces no restrictions of the device and OS. They change devices whenever they like without losing data. It can benefit the company as they can install the latest Zoom video conferencing tools on their existing devices and computers. More over you don’t have to be a tech ace to use these tech wonders. An ordinary person can operate without any trouble.

  1. Paralanguage

One of the most important features of communication is paralanguage. Paralanguage refers to the facial expressions, gestures, nods, smiles, even blinks, which help us interconnect and understand what the speaker means. In a traditional telephone conference call, many of these are missed, but you don’t miss anything when you use the modern video conferencing tools of Zoom for or virtual online business meeting. Instead, with the HD video conferences offered by Zoom meetings most of these forms of communication are able to be seen and heard in the same way they would be in a traditional face-to-face meeting.


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