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Last year, the worst ransomware outbreak in history happened. A cyber hazard modeling company lost about 4 billion dollars of global revenue. So many stakeholders both internal and external were affected, with financial datasets and patient records being exploited.

Records affirm that attacks of this kind will become more rampant and may cause a collapse of some businesses. A study by Juniper discovered that over 2.8 billion worth of data records of customers were stolen in 2017 alone, and predicted that this figure will triple in the next 5 years, and will cause a lot of financial losses of about 8 trillion dollars.

Even with these astounding projections, some organizations are still failing to look into this issue. As a matter of fact, it is recorded that only 42% of small and medium-size corporations are worried about cyber-attacks, and more than a quarter of these corporations lack cyber training. Small and medium-size businesses are substandard when it comes to cyber security strategies and this opens them to risk.

Encryption simply means coding messages so that only the person you sent it to can read it. In other words, helping you protect your internet activity and communications. It keeps the truth of your communications and prevents tampering so that the message you received was not secretly altered during transfer.

End-to-End Encryption (E2EE); the solution to cyber-attacks

With the ever-increasing digital dangers, securing your company communication has become very important. Since more and more data are being shared in companies over communications platforms and make them open to information breaches. The E2EE remains the only solution to battle this danger.

E2EE for Web Conferencing

End-to-End encryption which is an option among many which secure web conferencing and modern company messaging platforms and Holistic communications offers an extra level of protection for Zoom’s users.

Security should not affect productivity cost

The use of an E2EE communications tool does not mean you should sacrifice other company functions which include video calls, screen sharing, and secure file transfer. Luckily, Zoom app created by Holistics communications offers the security advantages of E2EE with a non-technical consumer interface and tools companies can depend on.

Even as secure communication will help strengthen a company’s cyber defenses. Companies should think carefully about how secure and especially, how reliable a secure communication platform is before relying to their companies’ model. At Holistic Communications, we strive to provide an easy to use app that puts your conversation and content at the top of priority list. Also, we combine many integrated protections to fulfill your exact requests for safe communications that improves the productivity of your team.

For Zoom technology users for all solution, End-to-end encryption is an added layer of application security. Zoom meetings platform can encrypt all presentation content at the application layer using TLS 1.2 with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit algorithm.

This is configured at the account level or user level. Once it is enabled, all meetings are AES encrypted. End-to-end encryption is also designed to facilitate HIPAA based compliance requirements.

It will force encryption across Zoom running on desktop, mobile and Zoom Rooms, as well as for H.323/SIP endpoints except PSTN telephone. It will also force end-to-end group messaging. Encryption may impact performance as it requires more processing cycle on the participants’ devices.

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