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Unified communication is a technology that combines multiple forms of communication in single software. This makes it a favorite in small and big businesses as it eases the collaboration between departments and outside sources. As it has practically every form of communication technology included within, it simplifies a lot of things. Unified communication has multiple technologies that have been mentioned in the following:

  • Audio calling/IP telephoning: Rather than depending on a phone it allows people to audio call each other through the internet.
  • Video calling: It allows users to hold conferences, with Zoom video conferencing allowing as many as 500 participants. It even lets people break away into smaller discussion groups or ‘zoom rooms’ to make things easier.
  • Live Chat/Instant Messaging: Since unified communication enables real-time interaction, live chat and instant messaging are to be expected. Zoom even allows people to chat while video calling.
  • Information Sharing Software: Another excellent feature of unified communication is that allows instant data transfer and sharing through collaboration tools like screen sharing, interactive whiteboards, etc.

As Unified Communication makes use of multiple technologies it presents a number of advantages to users in offices, especially those working in teams. Here are some of the major advantages of Unified communication:

  • Forgoes the need for multiple platforms: As unified communications contains within itself audio, video, live chat, interactive whiteboards, screen sharing and IP telephoning, they reduce the need for multiple or separate platforms for each of these services.
  • Reduces the amount of time wasted: While working on projects, a lot of time is wasted in coordinating with each other, in sending files and data while delivering presentations. Since all information is available on a single platform like Zoom, it reduces the amount of time spent on doing these things. Also, there are special collaboration tools available which further reduce the amount of time wasted. Since everybody is available in real time via this platform, this makes it very easy for team members to coordinate with each other seamlessly.
  • 0% Miscommunication: Since everyone can work together through video and audio conferences as well as live chats while being able to screen share, etc., the problem of miscommunication greatly goes down. Any miscommunication that does happen can also be cleared immediately.
  • Effective planning and discussion: A Unified Communication software such as Zoom has many features for instance screen sharing, break out rooms and interactive whiteboards that enable better discussions. It makes brainstorming virtually much easier without the inconvenience of having to move every time a doubt or inspiration arises. It also has a feature to schedule meetings online, erasing the need for an additional calendar.
  • Access to data: Since this software allows for data sharing and integration to where your content and information is stored, it allows users to easily access it without any hassle. It even has a private cloud, which makes it easy to store and share information without having to upload or download heavy files again and again.

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