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What Unified Communications System Is Right For Your Business Or Organisation

Are you looking for a unified communications system that helps you speed up your day to day communications and brings up productivity? Do you need a system that enables video conferences, online meetings and advanced collaboration intuitive platform. Holistic’s allow all organizations to deploy Zoom which is an advanced unified communication solution and is the #1 cloud (SaaS solution) and the fastest growing system globally. (SME, Corporate, Enterprise, Government, not-for-profit NGO)

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The latest Unified Communications system built on the newest technology with the latest codecs, Built for video and mobility at the heart of the solution.

You can invite up to 500 meeting participants to meetings and up to 10,000 participants to webinars from the same system. Start instant Cloud meetings and video conferences with a single click (no dongles required, use the enterprise instant messaging with group chat (searchable content and persistent chat), invite H.323 video systems into your meetings and share your files and screens instantly. Hybrid solutions for on premise multi-media servers and room connector for old video conferencing systems previously implemented are available.

With Zoom unified communications software, you can experience powerful features such as HD video and HD voice, Dynamic voice detection, Full screen and gallery view, Dual stream for dual screen, H.323/SIP room systems join in, telephone dial in, view only attendee joining and much more.

Web And Video Conferencing Features

Holistic Communications was founded on the desire to provide our clients with a quality solution to meet all their collaboration needs

Video Conferencing and Meetings Software for Performance

Visual communications is here and has become the norm. Having visual impact like a face to face meeting when holding a remote meeting for collaboration to eliminate the time and cost of traveling, improving team, client and and partner interaction, will transform you to a leading organisation.

Collaborative Workspaces No Matter Where You are Located

The modern shift in companies transforming to collaborative work-space like hot desking, work from home, remote work sites and multi-party collaboration of companies is driving demand and needs. Reducing costs and increasing agility by have the minimum number of solution is fundamental to your success.

UC System Which Work Every Time with NEW & OLD Hardware

Video Conferencing which works for all video conference hardware or equipment is essential in driving your organisation forward. Implementing and integrating the latest video and audio conferencing platform to provide the best and most effective collaboration around the world which is NOW affordable.

Communication With all Staff Company Wide and External Clients

Instant Messaging and group chat which has searchable content and searchable messaging. Secure your communications and improve productivity and responsiveness by deploying in depth messaging capabilities in one integrated platform for the best user experience.

Get compatability when choosing your Unified communications tools and collaboration solutions

Unified communications software tools and collaboration solution tools intertwine as the feature and functionality can be similar. Choosing the right UC system will drive collaboration and allow the best integrated tools or project management systems often incorporated with UC features.

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Unified communications is unlocking the potential for collaboration & becoming the key that unlocks many of the productivity, agility, and business process improvements.

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Planning for the Right Unified Communications Solution

Identify your current systems and workflows which are in place. By defining the current state you will be able to set a strategy with the future in mind and create a road-map to implement. Zoom Unified Communications and Collaboration solution will enable flexibility and be relevant to your user needs.

Choose the Right UC Platform Based on Your Staff Requirments

Every team will have different requirement depending on their uses, their KPI's and the locations they will need to use UC. By analyzing how your employees communicate, meet, work together and collaborate with client and business partners you can deploy the right system. Deploying a system which allow for work from home, remote, poor bandwidth and a mix of on network and off network will determine your success.

Deploying the #1 Cloud Unified Communications System

The top three criteria for a successful implementation are, adoption, usage and cost savings. Implementing and managing user-aligned technologies which have the best codecs, best quality and are the easiest in all situations combined with our broad range of consulting, deployment, and integration services will make your organisation grow and be profitable.


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