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With every passing day, technology is upgrading itself. Hence, in order to survive in your respective business field, you will also need to update yourself. Today internet is not merely a social platform to spend leisure moments rather it means business. Furthermore, if you want to propagate your work then utilizing technology is your best option.However, which software to choose in order to have the maximum impact is a question that you should ask yourself before settling on any particular one. Since you want to boost your business, you should opt for one such tool that offers you the most at least expense and zoom exactly does the same. Zoom is a unified communication platform from the house of Holistic Communications and it incorporates within itself multiple features that businesses might require expanding their excellence.

The Evolution

In the past, telephones were the valid tools of communication through which business took place between two parties separated by distance. However, audios were not that much trustable because it was likely that you fail to understand a certain expression or misinterpret a message. Slowly, this norm changed and internet came into being, giving businesses a new platform. The works began with emails and messages and slowly voice messages and calls crept in. Finally, web conferencing reached a new height with the introduction of video calling.

A warm welcome greeted this change as the users were satisfied because now they can see their customers or clients in person and could clearly make out what they wanted. So, with the up-gradation of technology, long gone are the days of telephone and waiting for the rings. Now, it is the era of Smartphone and here, with a single click, you have the power to change the world.

Where does zoom fare?

Talking about demand of the era means that many competitors are trying to satiate the requirements of the people but not all are successful in doing so. This is exactly where zoom makes its entry.You might need quite a few things to give your business the required push but it is not possible to purchase each of them separately because no one has unlimited supply of money. Zoom understands this and that is why it presents to multiple features packed under a single roof. Moreover, zoom also offers a few of its excellent facilities for free, as it understands the value of money.

Features to fall for

Zoom offers variety of packages depending on the type of business it is dealing with; all of them being equally attractive and effective. If you collaborate with zoom once, you will understand how useful it is and will definitely fall for its features.

  • High Definition video and audio for clear and unhitched communication.
  • System of voice detection for better understanding
  • Co-annotation and annotation of meetings
  • Screen share from all devices like desktop, Smartphone etc.
  • MP4 recordings of shared contents and also videos
  • Whiteboard to share ideas with team
  • Message security to maintain secrecy

Thus, zoom is a truly unified communication platform which not only lets you participate in a video conference but also creates an ambiance of a ‘real’ meeting instead of a virtual one. You can share ideas, photos, clippings; PowerPoint presentations etc. via this platform and can also chat and secure messages without fearing for them to go into the wrong hands.

Free fun

Here are several features, whichyou can avail without paying a buck:

  • Unlimited number of meetings, be it one to one or a group one. (You can take 40 minutes of time and can tag alone about 50 participants).
  • Collaborative features offered for groups like multi-share; keyboard and mouse controls; compatibility with windows, iOS, Linux, Mac, and Android; rooms for video breakouts etc.
  • Features of video conferencing like active speaker; full HD audio and video; gallery and full-screen view; telephone dial-in.

So, you can enjoy these features free of cost but if you want to enrich yourself with more features, then you will have to spend a bit. If you agree, then you can enjoy:

  • Unlimited meetings with more than 50 people and no time duration
  • User management
  • Control features of Admin
  • Cloud-based recording of content and video up to 1GB
  • More options to join the meeting like zoom rooms
  • Branding of company


Undoubtedly video conferencing has its own benefits and it makes business all the more compact, erasing the distinction created by distance. So, if you are interested in taking your business to the next level, then purchasing zoom will be your best call!

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